questionswhat did you think of community's season 4…


Abed's daydream was spot-on. As soon as I heard the laugh track, I knew it was a dream of his. And using Fred Willard like that was just hilarious - they wrote and filmed this episode before Chase was even taken off the show. It's like they "just knew" and made a joke reference to it before it ever happened.

I don't know if the momentum could keep up. But having been a fan of "The IT Crowd" - a British show for which Joel McHale was in the unaired American-version pilot - the original writer lost steam after 3 seasons and couldn't write a 4th season that lived up to the first three anyway. So I could see how refreshing the series with new people might not be a bad thing.

By the way, check out The IT Crowd on Netflix.


OK. I'll admit. For a split second, I was afraid that with Harmon gone they fell back to a laugh track. But that only lasted a moment.


I want Fred Willard as Pierce.
The new showrunners are from Just Shoot Me, and IT Crowd. Both solid shows. One fairly popular the other cult favorite. Perfect for Community.
As a fan of Harmon since 2004, i'll be following him wherever he goes.
As for community, i think he build a solid foundation of characters and cult fans for other talented people to continue spinning.
The weakest link ; NBC where quality is clearly not the main focus.
I cant believe they passed up The Mindy Project.


I'm a little worried. The characterization felt a bit off, which isn't a good sign for a strongly characterized ensemble show like Community, but it was more like the universe moved five feet to the left before filming than new characters played by the same actors. On the whole, I'm cautiously optimistic. It wasn't everything I could have hoped for but I don't think they've killed the show yet. The new guys are definitely trying too hard to cram in everything that we've liked about the show before, though, instead of working it in organically. I hope that doesn't become a trend.


I found it to be flat in some regards, but overall it's still one of the best shows on television (though Parks & Rec has now officially assumed my top comedy designation)


I found it dry and boring and the humor was very forced. I'll continue watching it, but I wont look forward to it as I have in the past.


I felt like it was off somehow, but I worry it could have been because I was already expecting it to be in this new Harmon-less Community. It may also be because of the budding (weird!) new relationship too- they always seem to make a show feel different.

I'll keep watching, the writing team is still a group of people I think are hilarious and the actors are wonderful.