questionswhat are the pros and cons of hiring movers?


Motivation to move yourself: Figure out how much it would cost to hire movers. Figure out all the things you could do with that money instead.
Add in potential for self injury by moving yourself.
Add in that you don't have to beg/borrow friends to assist if you go with movers.
See which makes more sense.

That said, I've had mostly good experience with movers, and optimally when I pack everything myself and they're just moving things.

Also, grats on your new digs!


pro: they're much faster than you and your friends will ever be.
con: they don't take pizza and beer as payment.

we moved from a 2 bed, 3rd floor apartment with no elevators. the house we were moving into was about 20 miles away. to my surprise, they ended up nearly filling a 20ft truck with our stuff. i think the total time from when they showed up at the apartment to when they left the house was about 6 hours.

hire movers. they make the moving SO much less stressful.


I do lots of moving jobs. My brother and I have a staffing company and have fliers at storage units and do probably 4-8 moving jobs a month. I schedule them for the weekends or convenient day times so we can go out and do them for cash (of course I claim it at the end of the year ;)) We have always charged $75 per person for a 4 hour minimum and $18/hr after that, but just recently increased to $100 for 4 hrs per person and $25 after that because we have been getting too busy. We have become quite skilled at moving and most jobs are completed in less than the 4 hours (there are certainly exceptions) so what is $150-$200 to you if you don't have to do it yourself?? Make sure you find some responsible people though, and if hiring people make sure they are not casual uninsured labor that you pay cash, if one of us got hurt we are covered under worker's comp but not your average craigslist/home depot person!

@carl669, btw, I do accept pizza and beer for a significantly reduced fee :)


Are you moving within the same town? I think the movers/money/time equation depends quite a bit on:
- how much stuff you have
- how heavy it is
- how nice it is
- how big/strong/old you are
- how big/strong/old your friends are
- the convenience of a given move (e.g., sounds like there's a flight of stairs involved in your move-out; check the location of your new place relative to the elevator: I moved into an apartment on the other side of the building from the elevator and it doubled how long it took to move)
- how much time you/your friends have (especially versus your financial situation)
- how you/your friends' stage of life balances against time (is someone willing to miss their kid's soccer game to help you move?)

The last time, I used movers for furniture and other heavy things such as kitchen equipment and boxes of books. I had a two-week overlap (unavoidable) and friends helped me with light or particularly fragile things once furniture was in the new apartment.


A definite vote for pros here.


I just moved and even for the first time ever had the movers pack what I wanted to take. They did it much faster and better than I would have. Fortunately I could afford the extra cost, and it made the move much more pleasant. Everything arrived organized and in one piece. These pros really do save you a lot of time, materials, and effort


Yes, go with the movers. Local moves, especially, are really inexpensive, even if you have them do all of your packing. I just hired movers for two office moves at the end of this month and they're doing it all for less than $1500. Less stress, no guilting friends into helping, no paying employees to come in on a Saturday, not to mention that it's less physical labor for me, too.


My brother and I do TONS of moving jobs as well....if you're ever moving to or from the Reno area, look up Square One Solutions and we will do all the heavy lifting for you!


My rule of thumb is to take how much I/DH make an hour, multiply by how many hours/fights/tears it'll take to get done, then hire someone else to do it.


Pro: You get to just sit on the couch. Until they move it, anyway.
Con: Broken/missing stuff.

I plan to hire a mover for my next move, but I'll move all the electronics and silver and keepsakes myself. Anything else is theirs to destroy.