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Well, if you have an Android phone, Google Maps/Navigation is pretty good. It has traffic, satellite and street view. You can also save a pretty large area for offline use that is cached to your phone.


@widmer69: Thanks for reply!

I know Google has great traffic and maps, but I am all too frequently in a "no service" area, so no traffic there. I understand that Google cached maps auto-delete themselves after a month or so, is that true? I wanted something faster than Google sometimes is when I barely have a signal, and since my phone gets used for so many objectives,I thought a stand-alone GPS that's good a traffic might be nice. But which one? Ideas?

Again, thanks.


Waze (it's an app). If you spend tons of time out of service, the traffic part might not be 100% up to date though.


I'll chime in on the stand alone GPS with traffic service. I have a Garmin 1450 with lifetime traffic, which is handled by Navteq. I have been pretty dissatisfied with it. I live on the east coast and needed the traffic part of it mainly when I travel up and down I-95, especially in the Baltimore-Washington-Richmond areas. Almost without fail, when I am in a critical area the traffic service goes down. In this case, Navteq services the region, but it is spotty or something. It is usually right around when I need to decide if I stay on 95 or take alternate routes. I'm also not super happy with the methods that it uses to re-route me due to traffic and the inability to get back to the original route if I want to without jumping through a million hoops. could just be that model.

also - Navteq DOES NOT support traffic in all areas. I had no idea actually how little coverage it has. Not even Harrisburg, PA. See for a list of supported areas.


I regularly hear good things about waze too.


I also have good luck with Waze.


@stile99: Very cool!
"Get alerted before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams, all shared by other drivers in real time."
It's like web-based CB radio.


Another Vote for Waze.
Cloud-sourced traffic FTW.

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