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You are required to give correct information, although there's nothing wrong with using a Google phone number (it's a real number, after all). Depending on the registrar, you may then use a "privacy" option, but if you intend to use this domain for any business use, expect to be trusted less if you do this.

(Just an example)


Back in highschool I had my own domain but used a fake address, my registrar took my domain down.

You can hide your info though, but depending on where you're domain is from, you're going to have to pay extra for them to hide it. this one does it for free, and this one was the one I used in high school.


Any responsible and professional registrar will provide a "privacy" option, where nothing is disclosed but your real name (which is required). I use this particular option on most domains I have, since they are considered to be "vanity" domains (and in fact, nearly all of them live in dot org space as well). If you don't already have a relationship with a registrar, use one with a good reputation.

I've used many of them. When the internet was oh, so much smaller (long before any of this new-fangled web stuff), there was only one place, and it cost $100 per year (and there were any number of fun rules about who could or could not have a domain).

No reputable registrar will charge you to keep your data private.

[Edit] Here's a fun read for the curious:

What a long, strange trip it's been. Truly.


I've never registered for a domain, but why would you provide "misleading" information unless you are trying to hide something?


@jsimsace: Spammers are EVERYWHERE. They harvest personal information from "whois" records, and you'd be amazed at their willingness to test the patience of folks. In earlier times my friends and I used to check on the address of someone we were headed to see by doing a whois check on their domain (which would have their home address, and phone number, at the very least). Those days are long, long gone.

Heck, in the old days, I had my name, and my work phone number and mailing address in my signature.

Businesses can and should have accurate information in the registration.


@shrdlu: I see your point. Thanks for the info!


I own several domains. On a few, I paid extra for the privacy option, but for the rest, I use my real name, the address of my PMB (which I use for everything), and my home landline which I never answer because when it rings, I know it's telemarketing/spammer/etc. since that's all I use that number for.

Haven't really had any spam emails, but I do get a lot of shady postal mailings (hate the fake invoices for your domain renewal when it's actually another registrar trying to get you to transfer) and GoDaddy calls me all the freaking time, only to leave messages and offers on the answering machine.