questionsare you getting server errors when you try to add…


I don't get server errors but I tried to add a deal from newegg today and it just sat there for a couple hours trying to find pictures. I finally aborted and tried again and it did the same thing.


There's not enough info in the question to determine if it's an error error or an actual problem with the site you're trying to add. We don't have a magic way to tell which site you're trying to add, so if you could be specific someone on deals staff (like @jumbowoot) could give you a better answer. :)


@inkycatz, @jumbowoot: The deal site is:

It's kind of an odd looking address, so I thought it might be the address that was the problem. It's not a huge deal, just wondering if it's me or you. :)


@inkycatz: Okay, so here's the deal I tried to post today:

$139.99 with coupon code EMCNBNH23

If you or @Jumbowoot can figure out why your server gets stuck trying to find pictures, that would be great. This happens to me all the time so I don't post too many deals.


@cengland0: I think it has to do sites that dynamic pictures like newegg does. I just tried the deal you posted an it picked up the pictures right away, but I have experienced similar problems with them.

@moondrake: Appears to be an error with that site/page. I tried a few other pages, some worked, some didnt. I'm guessing something that it is picking up in the details is breaking code.


@lichme: I hate to ask but do you mind posting that deal then? I ordered the hard drive and think it's a great deal for others too but cannot let the community know about it myself.

Besides, adding this deal might just help your rep score and you can finally become #1. Oh wait a sec....


@lichme: Yup, that's the one. So why is everyone else able to add the deals except me? Does it have something to do with my browser? I'm using a Mac Pro and Lion with Chrome and also tried Safari.

So I tried to add it around 4:30 am eastern time this morning. Maybe something was fixed later that allowed it to work but this problem still haunts me all the time.