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They're tools. How much packing did they need? I'm all for saving paper and not wasting it carefully cradling items that are built to be durable.


Wait, so was this one tissue used or not? If so, did you document the issue (photos) and contact the service staff?


I agree with @proxgotsthafia. If it was a used tissue, you should probably contact woot. The last few things I've ordered have had those big air bubble sheet things...not quite bubblewrap, but like small pillows of air? I have no idea what the packaging material is called. But long story short, I can't imagine this is common.


ehh like I said in my post I'm not upset just thought it was amusing. I agree, tools don't really need any protection. I will take a picture and upload it just for humors sake. I don't think it was actually used, it just looked like maybe it fell on the floor, then got stuck to someones shoe, then tracked through the bathroom, then put in the box... but again, no big deal just humorous.


I've gotten sticky notes with gibberish on them, random receipts, and just general odd-ball stuff.

On the upside, your item wasn't packed with weird little bugs like the last BOC.