questionswhere's the best place to buy a new sager laptop?


I bought my last Sager at and have been very happy with it. It has been a few years ago but I think I saved about $500 versus buying the same config from Alien Ware.

Here is the link to their Sager NP9170


@bill7718: Thanks for that. Exact same price as xotic, but they don't try to sell me as much crap which is a plus in my book


You will have marginal success booting from the old hard drive. You may get lucky if the hardware is close enough, but it's probably a fresh install in your future.

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@j5: I still have the backup partition with windows 7 on it- think it would work well enough for me to copy that over, or do you mean I'm going to have to buy a new copy of windows?

Never had a computer go when its operating system was still current before.


An operating system is licensed by a product key, not the physical software that is on the computer. If you don't have the key, it doesn't matter if you have the software. Thinkpad Edge's typically have the product key under the battery or on the bottom of the laptop. Write down that number and you should be able to download an ISO from here: (these are directly from Microsoft). You will likely have to call Microsoft to activate.

I wouldn't try using a recovery partition on a different laptop.


@hackman2007: That's awesome. Thanks you :)

I'd give ya more than +1 if I could :D


@bill7718: ooh free shipping too, so an extra 28 bucks off. Thanks again :)



I just got this email back when I ordered the laptop

"I noticed that you did not order an Operating System. I just want to be sure you have a legal copy that can be Activated, or that you are going to use Linux, and that you are not intending to use an OEM version from a previous computer that will not be able to be Activated."

I checked my key and it is in fact an OA key. Will I be able to activate it anyway?


@panthiest: Possibly and worth a shot. In my experience you should be fine activating the key, but you will have to call Microsoft to activate (just mention reformatting and they should be fine with it). This is a legal grey area, but since you are not using the OS key on another machine simultaneously I think it's fine.

Might as well give it a shot, worst case scenario is you need to purchase an operating system from somewhere like Newegg for about $95-100.