questionsandroid or apple?


Oh no.....good luck on the answers on this one.


It's down to user preference at this point. Both Android and iOS are solid operating systems . . .


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Poor Windows. Nobody wants to play with you.

Nice to see Blackberry still having a few places to call home.


This is my feelings on this topic-


Android. There's not really many reasons to pick iphone over Android nowadays. I mean, there ARE reasons, but what made the iphone the "best" phone doesn't cut it any more.


Truly, I love that iOS feels faster & smoother. This is mostly due to a single hardware platform & no multiprocessing.

Given that, Andy all the way. So much free stuff that's not illegal. Real apps, not just "shake your phone & it will fart" apps.

Example (I may have used it somewhere on D.W before): I got a call at 5AM. It was someone in the state of FL needing a FAX of my drivers license so I could get some official documents. I don't have a fax & they won't take an e-mail attachment. So, I looked up 'fax' on the market, found "FilesAnywhere". The free version allows 2Gb of online file storage. More importantly, it will take any image off your phone and fax it. With a cover sheet. Free. Time from call to fax, 7 minutes; the most time was taken by me getting up & take a picture of my license.


I'm a vote Windows Phone 7! Takes some of the high points of both OS's and is superior to either!


@jdevenberg: I do hope you are joking.

I am very excited. One of our Android users switched to Apple. It has been about a week. I am going to interview him, to see if he regrets his choice. He is a standard user.
Geeks like rooting Android phones and would never be happy with a iPhone.


I turn to Android if everyone like iOS!


Jailbroken iOS >> Android OS > Stock iOS.

That's my take on it. When you jailbreak the iOS, you're able to open up the device to a new feature set to make it better.


Android. But no matter what phone you choose, we will all share in getting brain cancer soon enough. Good Times.


Apple is just not allowing 3rd party apps to do so. Instead, Apple has provided system services which cover 90+% of the legitimate use cases. The EASY thing for Apple to do would have been to provide standard multitasking as other phone makers do. Yes, there are advantages to that and some day when system memory is measured in Gigabytes on these devices, that will be the best way to go.