questionshow can b&m target does not honor…


I may have the answer on this and it applies to as well. While the B&M operates under the name Target it actually is a separate entity. Sort of. The prices are set regionally and will not always be the same in all parts of the country. You can order something from the online store and have it ship as a courtesy to you for pick up at your local store, but you are not purchasing it from the B&M, but actually from the dot com. Returns are handled as a courtesy to you as well. What it comes down to is that is a different company than your local company in some twisted bizarro accounting world way.


At one point in time all business handled on actually went through Amazon. Target is/has been going through the process of taking over the entire aspect of their online merchandise/selling/shipping. Either way, it's complete bs that they didn't honor the price.


As @lavikinga stated in-store prices are different than online prices due to varying differences per region. While most retailers don't price match to their own online, some do. I believe BestBuy prices matches their online prices if you ask them to. On the upside, in some rare occasions in-store prices may be less than the online price. I was able to buy a GPS in-store at BestBuy for about $30 less than the online price.

Anyways when it comes to Target, the annoying thing is that they don't even deliver it to the store (if I'm not mistaken).


@jyoz22: BUT they DO accept returns for several things ordered online.
I found out about the online vs. store pricing difference while shopping for a flat screen at Walmart. 30 bucks cheaper online than in store. When I checked with the store manager, it was explained to me the difference between the two businesses and that the ship-to-store policy was just a customer service courtesy between two companies.


@lavikinga: Thanks for the cogent explanation. Usually the B&M stores and the online merchants are in totally different revenue streams, and it's not unusual for the B&M's "courtesy" of handling returns for the online stores to involve a charge to the online company.


Best Buy & are the same way. I believe they had a pretty good lawsuit over it at some point.


Doesn't target price match competitors though? Why not price match .com?


@jsoko: Usually b&m stores that price match specify that the price they are matching must be in a print ad for a "local" store. I know Walmart is that way, and I think Target may be as well. Defining "local" is a whole 'nother subject.