questionswhat is the best small multi-directional hdtv…


How good your reception will be depends on a lot of things like distance to the broadcast towers, interference from trees, houses, and hills, and any number of other things. Some types of antennas work better than others in a certain spot, but move 50 feet, and another type can do better, so it is hard to know exactly what will work for you.

The good news is that antennas are getting better, they don't need to go outside, and they are small enough to move around to try different angles/spots for best reception. And oddly, you may get much better high definition from an antenna than you will from cable, because the over-the-air images are not compressed.

I've used several different kinds, and for me, the flat ones with a power booster are best. This is the one I am using now: and it works quite well for me. "Your mileage may vary."


I bought a 10 dollar antenna that I stick behind the TV. I rarely use it since I have cable but it does pick up all the local HD stations perfectly well.


Check on Amazon for the DB1 and DB2 antennas. They're fairly small (they're flat) and you can put them in your attic, or under the eaves of your house so they won't be visible by you or your neighbors

Check this website for information on what sort of antenna you'll require