questionsi need a new mouse, what brand should i get?


Razer, Logitech, or Microsoft.


Razer - makes high end computer peripherals[ie. god tier]
Logitech - makes decent computer peripherals[ie. mid-tier]
Microsoft - just makes crap in their computer peripherals division and sells it way too much than they're worth[ie. (mod edit: profanity)-tier]


@mexhustler: LOL! Love the tier designations. I would not describe the Microsoft mice I have as crap but will agree that they come with a price premium.


If you just want a mouse, it seems anything will work OK. I've been happy with enough with some cheap ones from Meritline for $5. If you're a gamer then you will be more demanding. My personal preference is a wireless trackball, but some of my computers have several "mice" depending on my mood. Go to a computer store (Best Buy, Fry's) for a touchy-feely expedition if your looking for something special. That's about the only thing Brick & Mortar is good for in the computer world these days.


Best mouse I've ever used-

It feels so nice and BlueTrack is the (mod edit: profanity)

@mexhustler: Fanboi


field or dor are the two coolest IMO.