questionsanyone have luck with the non-apple lightning to…


With this particular one, no. But hardware is hardware. An off brand adapter should be basically the same thing, just possibly a slightly lower quality...any time you're dealing with Apple, you've got to assume a pretty big mark up simply because it's Apple.

I've used plenty of off-brand iPhone cables (30 pin) and they've worked. Only one has failed, and that lasted...about a year? It was most likely my fault that it stopped working...thing had a permanent bend.

Hopefully someone who's used an off-brand adapter can confirm, but I think you'd be just as good with the $8 one.


Apple seriously overcharges for their cables. I've used other mini-displayport to HDMI or DVI adapters and they've worked fine. I haven't specifically tried one on a thunderbolt capable port, but it shouldn't matter. Thunderbolt is signal-compatible with displayport and uses the same plug.

Here's the one I've used:

EDIT: I completely misread your message and was so excited about my experience I went on and answered.

There is no active circuitry in the adapter. If you find a generic 30 pin adapter, go for it.

I had assumed you were talking about thunderbolt and didn't realize they stupidly named the iPhone connector Lightning. Especially since a future revision of Intel's Thunderbolt was to be called "Thunderbolt with Lightning" (a fiber optic version).


@omnichad: Looks like Apple's got another lawsuit coming...


I've read that there IS an active chip in the new Lightning connector, so it may take a while before it's cracked so we can get cheap generic cables. It is ridiculous that Apple charges $19 for a simple cable and $29-39 for adapters, though. The markup over cost has got to be about 2000%.