questionswhat three items would you want in your boc??


1. some sort of ridiculously large nerf blaster like this
2. more buckyballs!
3. a t-shirt signed by all the woot staff


Well... if we're just picking anything:

1) 52" LED TV
2) Chuck Norris Total Gym
3) A full set of golf clubs


1) A bunch of XL shirts. Any colors/designs.
2) Beef Jerky. Or anything edible really...
3) Sandisk 64GB MicroSD


1: Fame
2: Fortune
3: 3 more items of crap (Thought about unlimited crap, but I'm not greedy.)


Inflatable paddle board
Something to give to the fiance as a wedding present
Men's large Woot! Shirt
Bag that used to hold a sleeping bag.


hmm well I'd just like to get one...

things I hope for though:
1. something electronic for me to tinker with (tablet or laptop)
2. some shirts that actually fit me (been getting a lot of women's sized tees)
3. something from the monkey games


Ideally, a smallish TV, small sized AA T shirt and a flying monkey.
Realistically, some coffee, a 5XL Hanes T shirt and a flying monkey.
Also I would like to add that I am always secretly jealous of those people that get the box full of batteries.
I don't know why, but I am.


1. a magic lamp with an obedient genie that would grant me unlimited wishes that had no bad side effects or other misfortune
2. peace, happiness and adequate shelter, food, clean water and electricity for every1, as well as protection from aliens that would attempt to take advantage of a pacified, satiated population.
3. a nice turkey sammich with decent turkey meat.

no1 no1

1. 40"+ tv
2. tablet w/ wacom technology
3. dslr camera

no1 no1

@no1: Turkey sammich? Sorry - you'll get brains.

While I can't pick just three right now, at the very least, can it NOT be @wootbot that picks mine? I have a feeling that would not go well ...


1. a jar of cake
2. a large "woot" shirt signed by all the staff and mods (especially the tattle staff)
3. a woot calendar for each of the next five years


Easy -

1 - woot monkey with red pleather cape cape
2 - woot bucket
3 - woot monkey with a green camo cape (I can dream, can't I?)


1. A 1000 Kilo Bar of 24K Gold!
2. The TV Screen from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!
3. A 300 Room Mansion fully loaded with EVERY High Tech Gadget!


Hard to say, because I'm the loves a surprise type of person.

It would be cool to get a tablet (any kind as I don't have one yet)
Screaming, Flying Monkeys (I love me some monkeys!)
Anything woot! branded

But, if I ever manage to score one (other than the goodies sent when I won the shirt.woot birthday photo contest), I'd be happy with anything!

Just cause the surprise of seeing what I got would be worth the purchase price in the first place.


1. an xl exclamation point woot shirt (printed on aa)
same answer for 2 & 3.
I'm really not that picky with my boc's.


If my wish list of three items were to come true, it would be at least one or more of the following:

1) Crap #1: A mini gym set (just to let you know.. I've gained weight and not too happy about it)
2) Crap #2: Helicopter (everyone gets one, except me!)
3) Crap #3: A laptop (my grandma just moved into our apartment, and she is on facebook more than I am)

I'm not really asking for much.. (crossing my fingers)


Personal lubricant, guns and ammunition.


My ideal BOC: a Neato robotic vacuum, a exclamation Woot! shirt (AA men's medium please), a screaming monkey.


I'd love another Sansa Clip, a cheapo tablet computer (can't expect something nice, after all!), and a screaming monkey, of course.