questionswhat's the deal with the naming of winter storms?


Not sure about the final answer, but this thread from 1 month ago has a lot of insight.


TL, DNR; you'll watch the weather channel more vs other networks because they make the storms sound more serious.


^ this storm is SRS BZNS.

BTW - I found him. I don't know why he's bringing snow and wind, but hey...



It's simple really: Just like CNN, HLN, and all the other 24 hour channels, if they don't do something to attract your attention, the ratings drop.

It's all about the $$$.


Earlier this year my parents were attacked by Harry Potter Dark Wizards with WINTER STORM DRACO, then KKKHHHAAANNN!

And now even Nemo is attacking? What a terrifying world we live in.


It's just a weather channel deal. Not official names from the national weather service or any official agency, like Hurricane names.


Why not. Plus then you have something to remember not just "that blizzard that one time".


I think almost all the weathermen have run amok in the last few years. We have one locally that doesn't act like the sky is falling, but all the others grab every minute of airtime they can get ahold of. Thunderstorm watch? Come on.


low pressure front ORPHEUS will be moving in shortly... watch out. Next'll be fog bank Phillip.