questionsanyone playing microsoft flight?


I played it when it first came out. I don't like it very much. As a sim it is very arcade like (when I played the payed DLC aircraft didn't even have cockpits with instruments). As an arcade flyer it is slow and not a lot of replay value. I don't think the blend worked well. The scenery is nice and given a move to more of an arcade expierence, or more of a sim expierance, would be fun to fly in.

@caffeine_dude: It was probably expired to keep the board a little cleaner because free is the regular price and it was posted more as a notice that it was avilable on steam. I posted it when it first became available from microsoft and expired it a few days later as well.


I have been tempted to download it, just haven't yet. I have a few friends who have played it and they enjoy it. Might get it this weekend.


As a former MS-FS fan - I downloaded Flight and I agree.. It's very arcady and feels like a video game... I'm not sure the graphics are super high resolution... I bought a yoke and pedals last week for it.. But will probably just re-install my MS-FS X...


@redhatva: I was afraid it might be more arcade than flight sim. Good to hear it supports yoke/pedals though. Anyone know if it supports multiple monitors and used it that way?

Plan to download this weekend, but just realized it was available and wanted to set my own expectations. Sounds like it is not a replacement for X or FS.


I had it. Played it. Yawn. It's slow. Cute, tho.
Try "Wings of Prey" for a WW2 sim.


It doesn't look like a very good game.

The critic reviews are mostly kind of 'whatever' but the user reviews pretty much hate it.