questionsis anyone taking a trip via bus line this summer…


So, if youre traveling via bus lines check out Federal Motor Carrier Administration's (FMCA) website.
You go through the FMCA’s carrier search and type in the carrier's name. Results will come up with their DOT ID- which you click on to pull up the overview which has a link to the “complete measurement profile.” It has everything youd want to know- dates of violations and types, # of injuries and fatalities, driver drug use…


People still take a bus for long trips? J/K My niece took a bus from OKC to Fort Smith AR(approximately 3 hours) and had someone ask her if she would kill the asker's husband for $1000. Seriously. This was 4 weeks ago.


It's a special kind of person who rides Greyhound.

I did years ago. It was cheaper than flying and less work than driving. Then I started to factor in all the creepy old men who would sit next to me and leer at me for hours on end. And all of the families with 5 screaming kids (if you think they're bad in a 2 hour flight, try a 10 hour bus ride.) And my favorite, getting stranded in some god-forsaken backwater country station because you were given the wrong information by the people working in the station and you've either missed your next bus or gone to the wrong place altogether.

One time my trip was so horrible that I couldn't help it. I just collapsed at the front counter and started crying. I'd been on an 18 hour bus ride during which I'd missed busses, gotten my wallet stolen, and in the end they still didn't get me where I was supposed to be. At that point I was just emotionally and physically exhausted.


I took a trip via Greyhound last year to get to a concert in Chicago from Indianapolis. Just didn't feel like doing the drive, and got really really cheap tickets. Would've spent easily 4x more on gas alone had we drove.

Trip there was totally uneventful and peaceful. Myself, my husband, and 4 or 5 other people total. Nearly silent the whole time. We napped, used the free wifi for a bit, got to Chicago, did our concert thing, and headed back for what we knew would be a fairly long wait until our early morning bus home.

That part was a little intimidating, waiting at the hub. Lots of families. Lots of homeless folks trying to keep warm who got kicked out eventually. Husband and I took turns napping leaning against a table. The bus home was packed full, but reasonably quiet considering, and we napped (or, rather, collapsed from exhaustion).

Long story short-- I'd do it again if I had to, but not alone, and only for one or two certain bands.


@jsimsace: Curiosity killing me - is your niece a fairly regular looking/acting person or goth or what?


@klozitshoper: She's actually a petite bespectacled redhead that looks more like a prep than a perp. It was very strange indeed.