questionshave you looked at jc penneys new website and new…


Site design: B
Prices: C
Selection: D

Penneys used to be my go-to store for wardrobe staples such as their Cabin Creek brand of twill pants. They've dropped their in-house brands and moved to more "fashion forward" brands and styles, many of which are simply not useful to me.

Their "best price" terminology translates to "clearance item," which means extremely limited sizes and colors. Calling something a "best price" when it is available in two sizes and one color is both frustrating and misleading.

I think JCP has pretty much lost me as a customer, after a 40-year relationship.


Does this have to do with the commercial I saw last night during Glee that had the logo and a date? My husband and I both wondered if they were going out of business on that day. Weird commercial, regardless.


Man, when I was a kid, I used to love the massive JCPenney catalog that would come out before the holidays! Now JCPenney never crosses my mind as a place to shop.

The site is a vast improvement over the old design (from what I remember, anyway), but it seems like it's too little, too late. Penney has been out of touch with consumers and trends for so many years now, that they're likely a sinking ship.


I looked at it briefly on my phone. It didn't seem too impressive in terms of prices to me. Still seems more expensive than Target/Walmart and less than pretty much where I would have placed them before.


I refuse to go there, the commercial they used, with people screaming? Really? What were they thinking? Grates on my nerves, esp. since people are screaming over... sale prices? Hunh? I don't get it, and the channel is changed or muted when it comes on!


The last time I went to JCPenny (a week or so ago), whenever I looked at the clearance section, the clearance price would be marked up from original tag price. I finally just left.

As for the site, I never go because of their prices.


I've actually never seen the commercial everyone's talking about, just Internet ads & emails. But I DID buy something from their website this morning because I wanted to buy DH a good cotton bathrobe w/o paying an arm & a leg, and no shipping. So it worked for me.


The new logo is hideous. It looks like it was designed on Windows 95 MS Paint by a 10 year old. No offense to 10 year olds.


I've had their cc since 1979. Their screaming commercial almost made me vow never to buy from them again. Whoever came up with that ad campaign was an idiot. Something "great or spectacular" was expected 2/1/12 which was the build-up of the screaming commercials. Then, what did you get? Nothing. Worst campaign I've ever had the misfortune of having to endure. If there really had been some spectacular change, it might have been worth having to suffer through the moronic and irritating commercials, but they really blew it.