questionsto me, colder weather means.....


really clear winter skies and stars sparkling in the cold


Long hours at work and being grumpy. As November/December arrives I start working on next year's budgets, then January comes and year-end work needs prepared for the auditors, so my longer than normal long hours start and my mood gets sour. I try not to let it put a damper on my holidays though...I try.


No more mowing! Well, at least for about 4 months.


Seeing how long I can go before I turn the furnace on. So far, so good.


Almost heaven, even though this ain't West Virginia. I know that some folk really like warm weather, but it's only when there's at least a chill in the air that my metabolism decides to wake up. So help me, I especially love dressing warmly & taking Metro to an aquatic center. There's something about (indoor) swimming when it's cold outside that I just adore.


... snow! And ski season on the horizon!


The end of my tomato season. Frost predicted tonight. boo.


...that I go into hibernation. More than is usual for me, that is. I detest cold weather, it makes me very cranky. My definition of cold weather is anything below 70 degrees.

Low temp last night was around 45. ::shiver:: Am full of crankiness today; temp expected to be the same low tonight. :-C Looking forward to a possible high of 79 on Tuesday. :-D


...more pain and stiffness, and hopes of an early spring. Cold weather is tough on arthritics.


.... that I'm not in South Louisiana anymore.


...that I'll be anxiously awaiting warmer weather. I like winter for maybe the first month, then I so want it to be done. But it just drags on.


The end of semester is coming up and I need to finish my papers and prepare for exams :(