questionscomputer chip for truck for better gas mileage?


I've heard of folks with mixed results as well, however, most of the people I know that had marked improvements were running diesels.

You can usually get them through car dealerships and local auto parts stores.


You'd think that if there was a really good way to do this without seriously compromising performance or equipment that the car manufacturers would have done it themselves.

The only time I've heard of this really making a difference is on turbo diesel trucks, and it in fact de-tunes them to produce less power, further lowering performance.

If you really want better gas mileage I'd look at for basic changes to your driving habits that will yield good results without having to buy and install a chip that may or may not work.

On average I yield 3-5 mpg better than my wife simply by having adjusted my driving style.


Hate to tell you this but the best way to improve you mileage is to drive the speed limit and avoid the stop-starts. Of course, make sure your tires are good - tread and pressure - and other maintenance stuff as well.


As @xavoc writes above, driving style makes a significant difference.

By using the techniques described on and other places on my daily "city driving" commute to work, I get about 15% better gas mileage and it takes less than two minutes longer on average. 15% translates into over 45 more miles per tank for my 2004 Ford Taurus.

I also tried driving more aggressively than I normally do, though about like most other people drive in my area. This reduced my mileage by about 10% from normal, with almost no time savings on average (just more waiting at traffic lights).

So, for my car, the difference between agressive city driving and relaxed city driving is about 4 MPG or just under 80 miles per tank.

The saving is even greater when I do "highway driving" which is about 3/4 of the driving I do each year.