questionsare you getting your emails?


As far as I know I get all of mine. I don't understand why yours aren't coming, unless there may be some glitch on your end.


I generally get my emails, but sometimes they are delayed or don't arrive at all. The ones that I don't get are on deals I post or questions I ask - I get most of the responses, but sometimes not all of them. But since they are my deals/questions and I don't have that many to watch I don't miss things on them. I might be missing other things, but I am really missing them then.


emails. yep, porn, millions of dollars left to me by my nigerian uncle who was killed in a tragic coal mine accident, omaha stakes, job offers to be a CDL driver, and 2 monkeys talking about nonsense.


@moosezilla: I thought we got that fixed. Hmmmmm.

Try unsubscribing from everything and then log out. Log back in and resubscribe. Let me know how that goes. If you still have problems, PM me with what you are subscribed to and what you are/aren't getting. I'll follow up with development.

Also, clear out your temps/cache just for grins.


I have been doing what @thunderthighs: suggests, with good results. Every once in a while, i will notice I am not getting my emails when mentioned, and this always fixes it. But it does seem to crop up occasionally.


I believe I've been getting mine just fine, the daily digest is usually there in the morning when I get up. There's a little delay when people name me in a response, but I do get those too eventually.


I've been getting my mentions, since some early issues. Hope they get your issues worked out soon.


I haven't been getting any of my deals.woot emails. If I subscribe to any deal, if I subscribe to my own deal as I'm posting it, or any questions in the community. Not a single one. Been happening since the update. I've just been living with it. :-(

I'm going to click the "email me when someone..." box underneath the box I'm currently typing in. Guarantee I don't get any emails from replies to this question.


I haven't noticed any email problems, but my ability to post from mobile devices has been glitchy again lately. I think it was yesterday that I nothing I posted, deal or comment, would process. No matter how I clicked the "submit" button, it was dead from my iPhone or DH's iPad. Related to your problem?


@firebirdude: Check the email on your account and make sure it's correct.

Then try what I mentioned above. Unsubscribe completely and log out of your account. Then log back in and resubscribe.

There were some issues a while back that required a code fix. It would be best to unsubscribe/resubscribe to sync up with those changes.


@thunderthighs: @rabidmonkeyoncrack:
thank you both. it seems to be working at least for now. i appreciate it. don't understand why it didn't work when i tried it all the other times, but i take what i can get. THANK YOU


@thunderthighs: Thanks for your response. My email address on the account is correct. Plus I get invoice emails from Woot when I make a purchase just fine. However, I went ahead and changed the email address Woot has anyway (I have many several email addresses I check regularly).

I'm not subscribed to any of the daily Woot mailings, as I'm on Woot every single morning anyway. I went ahead and clicked "unsubscribe from all" under my account settings. Logged out. Logged back in. So we'll see.


@firebirdude: Make sure you go back and subscribe to Deals.Woot & Local.Woot Mentions if you want to get those emails.


@thunderthighs: Just an update, it's still not working. I am subscribed to deals.woot mentions and I also check the little subscription boxes whenever I post in a deal/question. Ever since the Woot update, no mas. I have also ensured Woot's emails are not just going into my email's spam folder. And like I said, I get emails from purchases just fine. Das broken.


@firebirdude: They did some playing with it. Let me know if you don't receive some now.