questionschallenge: anybody know where i can post a how-to…


Look at this one, it's Free.

So easy even a caveman........ well, you know !


You might also consider Ipernity. Many people who left Flickr ended up there (including myself), and it has a lot of features that would assist with this.

In addition to the images, it also has Articles and Docs (although the later only works for paid accounts). Articles are probably what you had in mind. You can embed your images in them, and they can be made to look very professional. The fee for a paid account on Ipernity is $29.95 per year, or you can try the paid version for three months for $8.95.

How-To blog on what? Do I like it? What is it?

I'm not a fan of the free version of Wordpress, myself, but that's just me.

[Edit: Before I forget, the Docs on Ipernity are things like audio files, and PDFs, which you can only store if you have a paid account. Articles are probably perfect for you.]


Two free choices - and The former is Google's free service, and the latter is free software that you could install on your own web site if you want to and if not, they offer the hosted service at Both let you map a domain name you already own ( to your blog, but Wordpress charges $13/yr. for this.

I personally think Blogger's a bit easier to use, but Wordpress will make it easier to transition to another web host someday if that's something you want.


Great, thanks everyone! I'll definitely scope out all of these.

@shrdlu: I will have a artists alley booth inside the art show at the World Science Fiction Convention in a couple of weeks to sell jewelry. I said I'd demo jewelry making while I had the booth, and I thought it might be a good idea to sell do-it-yourself kits along with finished product. I wanted to include a tutorial but I didn't want to waste money and luggage space printing it, so I figured an online article plus web link would be the best course of action. I haven't updated my webpage since I switched to primarily making jewelry as my sell-through is too fast for web sales. In the meantime methods have changed and I find I don't have the time/patience/foundation to efficiently get this information uploaded. It's interesting that you mention leaving flickr. My photos are still up on there but I can't get logged in for complicated and perplexing reasons so I need to find a new photo host.


If you didn't want to go to the trouble of setting up a blog you could maybe post an Instructable.


Just make a tumblr. Sounds perfect for what you're trying to do


I was going to say Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr, but those have all been mentioned. Oh, well. Glad I'm in good company!


These are all great resources. Many of them I'd never heard of. Thanks so much for your help!


+1 for Instructables, I love that site.