questionswhat is the cheapest way to monitor blood sugar…


You sound like you are where I was 3 years ago.

This site solved all of my problems


There is no "cheap" way to monitor your glucose levels. People with diabetes use blood glucose monitors because they are the most accurate system of measuring levels. Yes, the strips and the lancets are expensive, but your health insurance may help cover the costs.

Different foods affect your glucose levels, but the same foods can have different effects on blood glucose levels from person to person. Just checking a glycemic index is not enough to figure out how something might affect you.

I remember a story about Adam Morrison (former NBA player), who has diabetes. On game days he eats the same foods at the same exact time. After monitoring how certain foods affected his blood glucose, he developed a meal plan that he can safely adhere to without his levels going too high or too low. You could eat a bunch of different foods, figure out how each affects your sugar levels (using a glucose monitor) and plan your meals that way. That way you won't necessarily need to buy more strips.


1st thing you learn is that the docs and insurance corps lie to you.
Until it's obviously a danger, they don't want to spend the money and effort.,
Being "pre diabetic" is like saying the first two months are "pre pregnant".
If your family has it, chances are you either have it or about to get it.
Diet, exercise and a decent weight will help immensely.

A few times a year drugstore chains will advertise an almost free meter- they make the money on test strips. With insurance, test strips are just a copay. Try it once a week, 1st thing in the morning. Over 120- get serious.

I am diabetic; two decades. I can be 115, get a burger, fries and orange juice, and hit 550 in an hour. And not feel the difference. My first docs just said to be careful of what I eat, and maybe lose some weight.

Only eat real food. That means meat, colored veggies, and fruits. Nothing white- no bread, flour, rice, potatos, pasta- keep out starches in general. Read every label- no added sugar! No soda! No junk!