questionscan you recommend a good power painter?


We just bought a Wagner PaintReady sprayer to use painting the set for a play my kids are in.

Believe it or not, it worked as advertised. Sprayed unthinned latex without a problem. Cleanup was 'easy' - or at least simple.

If you're only looking to use it for the one project, it might be better for you to rent a sprayer. When I stained my deck and patio, I just used a cheap 'pump up' type garden sprayer, because the stain was so thin.


Personally, I would not use a sprayer for this small a job. I would just use a roller and brush, especially for stain. You will have to protect everything around from the spray splatter. There is much less preparation needed for the manual tools.


Just an update (not that this question was ever popular) I ended up just going to Home Depot and picking up this Ryobi sprayer. Despite all of the horrible reviews I gave it a shot, it was on sale for $50 and the 30 day return period covered me if it is as bad as the reviews say it is.

It ended up working decently for me to get my job done quickly. I'm glad I went with it instead of trying to paint with a brush and roller.