questionswhat is a good screen protector for the hp…


if you paint it, it most likely won't scratch as easily. I recommend an exterior paint though for water-proofing advantages.


I went with this one. Looked a little more expensive but I liked the lifetime replacement and that one of the reviews mentioned being easier to apply due to a spray that comes with it.

I totally borked putting a protector on my Droid so that appealed to me :)

Should be getting here today or tomorrow so I'm happy to let you know how it worked out.


It has Gorilla Glass. No need for a screen protector really. They just muddle up the screen.


Back to report on the one I linked earlier... I wasn't sure what to expect but yeah. Color me impressed. This thing went on literally like magic.

I first tried it and it couldn't quite get it lined up and laying flat. Sort of the same problems I had with the one for my Droid.

Then I re-applied the spray and went with like 4 pumps and I swear, the thing just sort of evened out with no bubbles at all. I slid it around until it lined up just right. I barely even had to use the squeegee thing.

It's on now and you can barely tell it's there even after 60 seconds.

I definitely recommend it.