questionswhat is your favorite fireworks?


I think it's the one that is all white, each little burst is like a separate little star, and it opens up huge, rather like a sparkly umbrella or mushroom cap. I'm sure there's a real name for it, but I don't know what it would be.


Our local display has smiley faced ones, and since it's sponsored by Pepsi, they also have Pepsi logo fireworks -- both get a good bit of excitement from the kids.

My personal favorites are the ones that rattle the windows. Most of them pop or crackle, but some of them say "Boom Baby!" Those are the ones I prefer.


jumping jacks or real m80s


Our state is covered with the branded TNT fireworks. These are not the ones I grew up with. They are crap. My friend and I shot off about one hundred dollars worth tonight and was severely disappointed. The "six-break" mortars came out of the tube with a BANG! but fizzled when I came time for it's breaks to fire. They were horrible. I miss my Blackcat.


"snakes and sparklers" -- Kicking Wing (Joe Dirt)


i love all fireworks! i like that heart one especially. also any that are huge and colorful


All-Time Favorite: Assault Chopper with Thunder. It's an M-80 sized shell w/plastic wing attached about 1/3 from one end, Rises to about 150' rapidly while screaming, then explodes with about the force of an M-80. Can't seem to find these anymore. Also, Saturn missile Batteries and their various equivalents.


I like the ones that go
"PHooo - FFFFFffffffff - puKHEEERRRR! - shhhhhhhh - tchchchchcchchchchchcssssszzzzz"