questionshdmi in...always?


Oh, the remote I'm using is the Windows Media Center remote that came with the PC and it apparently can't be used to switch between inputs. One other minor difference is that in the picture the top left-hand button is red with a music note on it. On my remote it's a black button with a home symbol.

I found a pic of the remote:


your monitor should have some kind of auto sensing feature if it has hdmi, allowing it to switch to a new active signal, unless that signal is always on (like an apple tv) then it has issues, but it should be that simple. just open the settings OSD on your monitor and poke around


Why not ditch the Roku? Is there something it can do that the PC can't? I only use my Roku in places where I don't want to put a PC.


@samstag: Ha, that's actually a pretty good point..

I could see the appeal of a Roku vs. PC though.. but it seems like getting a PC remote+keyboard combo would save having to ever get up again.. being able to use keyboard shortcuts and click the mouse should be able to accomplish any PC-ness whilst fully relaxified.

One of these guy's would be great (On sale for $20-30)