questionswhat are some good brands of affordable…


It depends what you mean by affordable. My Oakley's were expensive, but the warranty/service plan and they're general indestructability makes them worth it. I've had my Jawbones and GasCans for a lonnnnng time. I'm not sure of any other brands under $100


@nate800: Agreed. If you buy them on sale and from certain retailers, you can save over the normal oakley price. My "work" sunglasses have saved my eyes so many times I can't remember. Scratched, dinged, chipped, but very solidly made. I have had some cheapo knockoffs that broke easily and won't trust them ever again.

e.g. a tree branch slapped me across the head about eye level. Glasses still in one piece with some chips/scratches.


First off, I have a big head :) Look for styles with spring temples.

I like my BluBlockers a lot:

I have also heard good things about Eagle Eyes:

And Sunbelt:

And Flying Fisherman:

Oakley and Ray-Ban make a good product if you can find them on sale.

Hope this helps!


There's a reason they call them "Brokeleys".

Even for the quality, you are paying a lot of money for sunglasses.


just make sure they're polarized. as long as they meet that qualifier choose a style that you like. as @curtisuxor pointed're paying for a label 100% of the time, so there is no further justification for spending more than $50 on sunglasses. ever.


@pinchecat: Generally agree but you want to look good in them, too, and that's where you're also paying for them. A lot of the cheap non-designer glasses look like crap, too, and generally don't stand up in quality.

Oakleys are expensive but they look good and are generally better than most of the other sport glasses out there for durability and light weight. They say they provide higher res than others but I can't tell the diff...but that doesn't mean it's not true.

That said, there are some generic time tested styles like aviators that can be found cheap. American Optics ( are the original makers of aviators. MSRP for them start in the $80s but can be found cheaper. One version can be found for $41 at ( Cheap aviators with some real street cred.


BTW - if you've got a big melon like I do, get to know the sizes. On the inside of the ear stem (usually left), you'll see a string of numbers separate by slashes. They are: eye (width of lens), bridge (distance between the lens), temple (length of ear stem), vertical (height of lens). They're all in mm (about 6mm = 1 inch).

I've found that I need at least a 58mm size lens, the first number. The larger wrap-around styles are usually in the low 60s.

So if you're going to buy online, get to know your sizes.


My first good pair of sunglasses (my first prescription pair) was Rudy Project. Not cheap, but an excellent pair of shades that stood up very well and were well worth the price. I'd still be wearing them if I hadn't lost them in the Pacific Ocean.

Now I have a pair of Ray-Bans. Really, if you need prescription sunglasses, the price difference between cheap and Ray-Ban isn't much by the time you've paid for everything. I love my Ray-Bans; I've replaced the lenses once already but the frames are perfect even three years in.

Basically, with regards to sunglasses you get what you pay for. Buy cheap and replace often, or buy quality and keep em for a long time. My prescription doesn't change much so I'm happy to buy the quality now.

If I may make a plug for my favorite spec shop - - they were able to do my high power prescription in frames that other shops wouldn't. I've got nice wrap-arounds that the mall guys wouldn't do my prescription in.


I was thrilled with the deal I got on Oakleys from a link posted at WOOT to the Oakley "vault" Sunglasses at 1/2 price.


After fairly recent eye surgery I didn't have to wear corrective lenses for distance, but I needed something for the sun. I'd always been jealous of those wearing Oakleys, especially for shooting and different colored lenses and was my first order----I would take it as an exception but the wraparound style distorted my vision somewhat, enough to make a difference in target perception and this was unacceptable.

Oakley told me that was inevitable with this style of lense, but I was able to return them and onto other sources, but for awhile I gave up on this style.

Several ventures later from WalMart cheapies to other high dollar brands, such as Rudy Project, and the same distortion, I came up on a cheaper brand just because they "claimed" to not have this apparently impossible to get rid of, distortion.

These are "JiMarti Falcons" and true to their claim, I don't see or have to tolerate the distortion----so far so good and after a month I've bought a spare pair just in case.


I have ALWAYS loved Fossil sunglasses, and they are usually inexpensive if you shop around. Even at the B & M stores they usually run about 40.00 a pair. But now that I have transitions eye glasses I don't need sunglasses anymore, but just my .02 cents


If you take care of your shades then you can't go wrong with Oakley or Ray Ban, if that's more your style. I'm on my third pair of Oakley's in 16 years and that's only b/c I cannot get replacement lenses (damn scratch) for my last pair that I got about 7-8 years ago.
Go to a Sunglass Hut or other store to try on and make sure you find a pair that fit you right. Then look online. You can save a lot of money if you buy online.


I got my ray bans at They did the Rx for me too. Way cheaper than the quote I got at at some of the ones mentioned here. I had to ask about the script. They don't advertise it they said, YET. Not sure why, but I didn't care. I got the best deal for high quality sunglasses. I also used a coupon code I found on the net.


i know i am probaly to late and you have a good pair but i like MAXX HD they official sunglasses brand of the Chicago cubs but that's besides the point though i had a pair and they were really great and cheep my pair were only $19.99 and they were great the had HD in them and they protected up to over 400 rays of the sun they make all different types and styles i think the most expensive pair is like 40 dollars and those are sunglasses with sports teams names on them


Check out UV Raze Sunglasses. They are only $16 and they are perfect. I get compliments on them all the time! Plus i think they are coming out with new colors!

Check em out!

Good luck!


Checkout this brand that was launched on indiegogo, affordable sunglasses based on an unique fashionable mold, no wayfarer here.

Check them out:

Best of luck.


Here is a coupon for Diode Optics. Use coupon code: wootadeal at checkout for 20% off. Not they are even more affordable.