questionschallenge: sapphire ring


I'm not sure what exactly you'd use to define "elegant" or "not too showy," because styles in jewelry can vastly differ - for instance, my mother, father, and I would all choose very different designs if set loose in a jeweler's shop with those words in mind... Any particulars on the cut of the sapphire(s)? You mentioned white gold (or lighter metals), which I think would be a great match for sapphire blue. Any other clues as to specifics?

I don't have too much background in online jewelry shopping, but I've enough in jewelry, generally, to recognize prices. I'll keep an eye open, but here are a few to start out - they're from szul, a company with whom I've had good experiences thus far:

Let us know what you think! :)


@arosiriak: You're right that it's hard to know what people mean with such subjective adjectives! I guess I might use "classic" as another descriptor, and I mainly want to avoid really ostentatious and show-offy designs, though I suppose that isn't that much less subjective...

I am not particularly set on a cut, though I am partial to more symmetric cuts (so I'm not really thinking of, say, a pear cut - but like I said, it might still be done very well!). The second link is very nice; I do like that one. I am not as fond of the solid band look in the third link.

Thanks for the suggestions! :)


@catbertthegreat: Ooh, I really like that first deal you posted (too bad it's not in my size...). The last My Solitaire one is very pretty, too. Thanks for all the suggestions!


@catbertthegreat: Hmmm...remember that July was supposed to have lovely items from you in ruby and gold? Remember that you left so I never got to see said lovely items? I thought about you several times in the month of July and now, I see that you have not lost your touch!!


@angstangel: Sorry about the size issue, I posted that and then saw your reply. It's from a catalog, I'm just not sure who's otherwise you can have it in any size you want, just find a local jeweler and give them the product information and they can hunt it down for you.

@sand4me: Well there is always next year or Christmas.


@catbertthegreat: Not to is still very nice to admire!! :) Thanks for the tip - now I am reluctant to restrict size in case I miss something pretty, heh.


@catbertthegreat: Oooooo - Christmas - yessssss - necklace or maybe earrings or maybe both.


@angstangel: You can always size up, difficult/impossible to size down. Also the comment about catalogs, don't worry about it. I was kind of babbling.


@catbertthegreat: Alas, my small fingers!! I suppose I will have to be content with admiring certain pieces from afar...