questionsis there a list of banned sites for deals.woot?

vote-for16vote-against - Unofficial guide I put together a while ago. I'm guessing yours fell under the "Only woot may add mystery item deals" category


@lichme: Thanks lichme, that's where it fell.


@lichme: Thank you for posting this.

You can add the 1,000 ratings needed for Amazon and eBay as well.


@lichme Thanks! Had the faq bookmarked and then somehow lost it.

I think it's safe to assume that the following entry can be removed from the faq since....well you know what I mean.

How do I get a Jumbowoot coupon?
Nobody knows. Do all of the above, and cross your fingers.


I added a comment to you on that deal noting that mystery boxes aren't permitted, but the comment disappeared (of course) when the deal was deleted.


@prettywootprincess: I'm thrilled to hear the 1000 ratings for Amazon and eBay are now official!

Is there any minimum rating score we should pay attention to? (My personal floor on ebay is generally 99.0%, unless reading the negative comments tells me there's buyer-idiocy involved.)


@prettywootprincess: I just remembered: back in September, when changes were being made to the official FAQ, you said there was still ongoing discussion whether deals for items sold by third-party vendors but fulfilled by Amazon would be treated differently than deals advertised on Amazon but sold and shipped by TPVs.

So my first question, from above, is:

(1) Does the star-rating or feedback percentage matter in terms of posting here?

and (2) Does the new rule for 1000 ratings on Amazon apply to both categories of vendors? I routinely check deals to see who's doing what before voting on them, and I don't want to send unnecessary/inappropriate tattles.


For right now we will stick with that. It should solve a majority of the issues.