questionsdo you have any political signs in your yard?


No. Although for Halloween I took a life size Scream figure and replaced its mask with an Obama mask and put a Republican flag in his hand. Subtle......


I'm conservative, and it seems that only Liberals are allowed to put bumper stickers on their cars. My car was vandalized when I put a Bush sticker on it. Probably by the same assholes who stole my "support our troops" magnet!

Although, I once pulled over a teacher and was going to give her a break until I saw the John Kerry sticker...


I must be feeling contentious tonight, because there's a woman in my town who used to have all sorts of signs and displays against the Iraq war. She even covered her whole fence in garbage bags representing body bags for the troops, and flags for the Iraqi dead. (I was glad to see it was 20-1 for our side.) But my favorite sign she had was one that said "Wage peace, not war" which I always wanted to ask her what good that would do for an enemy that wants you dead...
I always fantasized about pushing her down (gently), over and over, until she lashed out violently. Or to see how long she would take it.

I know, it's my problem, I'll deal with it.


@tcayer: Maybe it's where you live? Here in the south, the land is peppered with Romney signs. There are some Obama signs as well, but the GOP has a firm grip on my state, no doubt.

Regardless of which candidate one chooses, I think the yard signs are just a bit of pointlessness. I doubt they've ever swayed a vote. I guess people just enjoy leaving a visual marker to identify themselves to like-minded voters?


I tell all my yard signs that if they become political on me, they are, "Outta here!". So far, they have been behaving themselves.


I also do my neighbors a favor and don't put signs up in my yard. It just seems desperate to me.


@jsimsace: I really enjoy the company of my neighbors, and don't want to jeopardize the relationship we have with them by advertising our political views. In fact, I think that the relationship is probably better because we don't talk politics with them :)

I can see the value of campaigners trying to get signs in yards close to our house, we are really quite close to the local polling station; I'd say 60% of the traffic going there on election day will drive past our house.


@tcayer: My girlfriend's car was vandalized because of a bumper sticker telling the date of George Bush's last day (The sticker and the car were both keyed.) We were also pulled over once (Had a taillight out) and the police officer joked that he pulled us over because of a Pro-Obama bumper sticker that she. He said he was joking, we weren't sure and gave him the benefit of the doubt, but it still seemed kind of unprofessional at the time.


I don't because I live at the end of a dirt road and no one would see them. Even if I had better road frontage, I wouldn't bother putting up signs for an office on the national level. But, if it were for a local candidate that I really believed in, who wasn't an incumbent and just needed help with getting his name out there, I would. I have a friend whose husband is one of our state delegates. He ran in the primaries this spring for his party's nomination for US Congress elections against a long-time incumbent. Sadly, even though he'd been in the state senate for 6 years, he just couldn't compete against the resources she had.

TL;DR: I don't have any out now, wouldn't put any up for presidential elections but would consider it for things more local.


No I don't. Our deed restrictions do not allow it. If they did, I would choose not to because I think they are unsightly.


I don't have signs in my yard. For reasons, see @purplefeather's comment



No signs in our yard, haven't seen any on our block - polling place is a few hundred yards from my porch. If you don't know who's running, you're probably not voting. If you change your vote because of a yard sign, please Darwin yourself. Or un-Create yourself, whichever fits your beliefs more appropriately. At the very least, don't go throwing around an uninformed vote for the rest of us to deal with.

To @tcayer and a few people (on both sides) I've seen elsewhere:
Seriously, why is it that just because one guy in your town is a jerk and stole a sign/trashed a political something; you assume that all people of sign-trashers party are jerks? Big country out there folks, room for all of us to disagree, doesn't mean anyone who doesn't agree with your foreign policy is a law-breaker. It also doesn't mean that your party is somehow magically immune to having jerks in it. They are everywhere.


@purplefeather: Actually.... It worked on me once, on a local level. I was on my way to the post office, and my polling place was on the way, and I saw they were voting, so I dipped in to see what they were voting on.

Went in, stood in line, got my ballot, saw it was for some like city councilmen in our district. Or school board member. Something really worthless. Anywho, I just thought back to the last sign I saw for the candidate, and they got my vote.

I never did find out who won.


I had a Romney sign at the end of my driveway. It lasted about 3 days until someone stole it... smh (gotta love being a republican in NY).


Nader/LaDuke 2000

It's been a rough couple of decades.


The problem with yard signs is that they don't sway votes.....they just tell you who the thugs are. So if you put one up and nothing happens, then nothing happens.....but if you put one up and it's stolen, vandalized, your car gets keyed, you get hate mail, your yard is trashed, or you are physically know that the opposition are thugs.

Interestingly, that implies that the safer, better-behaved neighborhoods are the ones where there are more yard signs.


No, a few neighbors do, though. But, if I was offered one I'd have it up.


@icthulhu and @tcayer: I read that sometimes seeing yard signs can help motivate others to vote. Not that they will change/sway a vote.

But, along the lines of what you said... there's a "mystery" in a neighboring town because someone seems to of gone around and removed virtually all yard signs.


I live in what I can politely call an Obama neighborhood and indicating support for anyone else would certainly make me feel less safe. It would probably just get stolen but I would also be concerned for property damage or beatings... (I'm glad I live in a free country where at least I can express my opinions online...)


I live directly across the street from the nearest polling place. I will shamelessly put ANY political sign on my property for a price. But, that sign will go up the night before the elections, and come down once the polls close.


I grew up not being allowed to have yard signs because my dad is a news anchor, and he thought it was unprofessional to have a display showing a preference for one candidate over another.

Now I am new to the neighborhood, haven't seen any signs, and would like to get along with my neighbors, so I don't want to put up signs. We live in an area that votes the way I do, in general, but there are always exceptions, and I don't want to alienate anyone. Plus, we have one super-crazy neighbor (she even pruned my butterfly bush and claimed she did it because she was hurt by the thorns. they don't have thorns), and I don't want to be the recipient of further craziness.


I knew I'd be crucified for my comments above, (and I don't blame you.) I'm actually surprised I wasn't down-voted MORE!

Of COURSE I didn't tell the teacher the reason I wrote her was the Kerry sticker, it just tipped the scales against her.

My final thought- did anyone see the video the woman made because someone kept trashing her political sign, and it turned out to be a deer using his antlers to rip it up...

Oh, one more thing? What's the BIGGEST negative vote you've seen on a comment? (Can't count Travel Zoo sponsored deals...)


No, but If I did put out a sign, it would be along the lines of "Cthulhu Dagon" or "Yog Sothoth" except for the fact that the Cthulhu symbol is modeled after the democrat one, and my sign would be stolen.

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I don't have any signs.

A couple neighbors down the street are involved in a "sign battle" though. I'll get a picture and submit it later. They started with 1 sign a piece. Then a few more popped up. One house got a bigger sign. The other house got 2 big signs. I'm not kidding you - now they both have a banner on the sides of their house (their houses are on a busy street). There was an article about it in the newspaper for cryin out loud.

So though I don't have any signs - I applaud my neighbors for sticking to the 'go big or go home' idea. Their efforts have made this election a little bit funnier.


no its against the law in NC only when an election period is ongoing


@tcayer: thats probably because allot of democrats feel that former president Bush Jr. sent our country into a war we could not afford that is now causing extremely detrimental U.S. Dollar deflation, job loss, and some believe could be one of the main causes of the unimaginably astronomical amount of debt we (as a country) owe many others.