questionsdo you think deals is becoming an advertising…


Yup. Nor do they ever pony up for a sponsored deal, they just spam their crap blindly.


Thank you for your support ♥

This may sound bitter or cynical but make no mistake, WOOT is making piles of dough using the sweat of your brow. Whether it's free labor (when a non-merchant posts a deal) or free advertising (when a merchant posts a deal), WOOT is concerned with one thing and one thing only...getting as many clicks on this site as possible. The amount of traffic this site receives determines how much they can charge for the banner ads you see on the sides.

A sponsored post is out of reach for many small businesses. I did ask once what it would cost for a sponsored post and I seem to remember it was $5000 a day.


Yes and no. While there are a lot more store accounts than there used to, those accounts don't always do so well. I think there's a good balance of users and stores on the front page.

I'm not too bothered by it. I get why stores want to be on woot. The site does well, it has a very active community. This means that more people are more likely to see their posts which means traffic and profits.

I think it's actually a good thing. I've seen new stores try and join woot and get blasted with downvotes because they don't post good deals. Those accounts dont seem to last too long. So if its a store, so what. Someone else gets the rep instead of a user. Chances are it would still get posted anyway.

Look at 1saleaday or thatdailydeal. Those used to be really popular for users to post. Now they have reps that post the same stuff that would get posted anyway. I don't see much of a difference.


@ohcheri: But at least you looked into a sponsored a way it is the thought that counts. (Of course, the accountants at Woot might disagree). I was more referring to the stores that post the same crap, day after day, obviously not at a deal price, never expiring their own deals (which is why you see the SAME 'deal' listed five times), never participating in discussions, etc.

Basically, the way it is in my mind, some people are here to post deals. And even if those people represent stores, that is OK. Some people are here to post ads. In my opinion the number of ads is beginning to overwhelm the number of deals. Even if a post IS actually a deal, odds are it is a DVD that has been posted a thousand times, a Chili's free queso coupon, or expired.


I didn't pursue it but I really don't think WOOT would accept my store as a sponsored deal. After all, many of their algorithm tweaks have been specifically designed to keep my deals off the front page. They would look like like hypocritical, greedy @$$hats if they took my money, don't you think?


Yes, but not "becoming", but "become". It's been that way for a while now.


@ohcheri: The difference between you and other stores/sellers is that you participate in the community. You are not a blast the board with your stuff and leave. That's why we like you ! You are us.


It may be more and more commercial, but I'm still finding deals here I could never find elsewhere. WOOT will never be what it used to be, but what it is is still pretty good.


i don't have problems with merchant-posted deals, but I'm really, really tired of wading through dozens of merchant-posted (or sock posted) NON-deals.

You know what I mean: a half dozen posts for merchandise that's not on sale, has no wooter discount code, no free-shipping offer, nada. To my mind, that's nothing but spam.

And even more vexing is the merchant-posted lists of their entire inventory, differentiated only by a different color in their marine-quality canvas or some such.



@ohcheri: If there is one thing I have learned from the politicians, it's that money makes everything ok. I almost do want to see you do a sponsored deal just to see it front and center on deals.woot where they can't hide your industry anymore.


@ohcheri: you do sound bitter. I'm sure you make a few extra sales off of your posts too. Free is free and you take fair advantage of that. I haven't looked, but I wonder how many actual companies post in the same fashion as you do.

Me, I post for the fun of it and the chance to make the top 10 on the leaderboard.

I've always said we should be given something back for all the work this comunity does. The coupons were nice, the actual gifts were better, but now we are all just pawns in the amazon game...