questionsdid you receive the email that amazon prime is…


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and apparently there are 2 lawsuits (which may turn into a class action suit) against Amazon regarding "Prime and their pricing practices":


The rich get richer.......


Yes, I did receive one. I 'avoided' getting Prime for a very long, long time. Finally succumbed. I say by accident, because I do not remember clicking the 1 month trial. Apparently did - when I received the confirmation it showed delivery w/i 2 days. What??? Long story short, I decided to keep it. This was late last year - mine will go up on renewal in Dec. 2014. Will I keep it? Not sure yet. Do know I've been hopelessly spoiled. So far it's been worth it for the quick deliveries. As I age, I'm not as patient.

I suspected they would increase the Prime cost when they raised the free shipping to $35. Prices have gone up on everything - obviously up on mailing parcels. So...for me the question is, Do I want to go back to the Wish List gathering? Maybe, maybe not.


I also got it. Mine is up next Nov, so I will also wait to see what happens. I actually am finding myself buying less from them as is, with local b&m closing the gaps in some prices.


I figured this was coming, but honestly, over the 12 months it's only $1.67/month more. I understand any increase is an increase but seems like a lot to get upset over as I imagine many people will :) .

However, mine said it will be increasing to $99 on my next renew period in September.


I'll stay with it. We buy a lot from Amazon, in part because I have some mobility issues that make traipsing from store to store looking for a particular item painful and time consuming. Prime actually saves us money, since without it we often "padded" a purchase to get to the $25 [now $35] needed for free shipping, and that additional wish-list purchase might well have never been made without the incentive of free shipping. Additionally, I use the free Kindle borrowing option each month to save $4-10 on a book I want to read but won't spend that much for.

All in all, Prime is a good deal for us, even at the increased rate.


I got one too... I have until next March...


Mine will got up in Feb 2015. I am pretty sure we'll keep it. I also always assumed shipping costs were built in and that the Prime fee covered the faster shipping time, despite what the small print said. I will be curious to see how those lawsuits play out, though.


Yup, I sure did, and I immediately went into my Amazon Prime account and disabled automatic renewal of my subscription.

It was remarkably difficult to find the right place to change that setting, the buttons you have to click make it appear as though you are requesting the cancellation of your account.

Now why on earth would they make it so darn hard to turn off automatic renewal?


I'm a sucker, then have me totally. I have become completely spoiled on the free two day shipping. All of my and my wife's family lives away from us, so all gifts have to be mailed. Having free two day shipping pays for itself in those gifts alone.

My ass has been saved several times by both the free 2 day shipping and the $3.99 one day upgrade. Last year, a few days before I was to leave to get married, I discovered that the studs I had were not going to fit in the shirt I had. Crap and other comments. I found a nice set for a very reasonable price (way under what was available locally) and got them shipped in a day. No worries.

I also have discovered plenty of good shows on Prime Streaming. My wife wanted to see Vikings: free on streaming. I watched all of Justified on Amazon.

So, yea, the additional 20 bucks is worth it.


@wilfbrim: That $3.99 upgrade is not $3.99 anymore. It changes depending on item, now.


don't tell anyone, but we share a prime account with my inlaws. log into the primary account and order. just have to keep an eagle eye on which card and which billing/shipping address...and i use it to order items for friends using their cards too.

on the other hand, more and more local stores are pricematching amazon. just saved $7 tonight at babies r us doing that. got the item immediately and got the good price. win for me.


@durkzilla: Turning off auto-renewal was exactly my first thought. But once I found it, the link did not work!?! Tried several times, even with a reboot in between. Must have been overloaded with others attempting the same. ;-)

Gave up and opened a ticket with Amazon support - to their credit, they were amazingly fast and turned it off behind the scenes for my account.

Everyone who is on the fence should turn off auto-renew. Saves you from forgetting it as well as sending a message to Amazon.

I am in the process of evaluating, analytically, whether it makes sense for us to keep since we only tried it at the old $79 for a year...


I'll stay with it.

I use Amazon Prime shipping quite a bit. I also have 4 family members that I share it with. This is a gift I can give them and they love it. My son can use it while he's at school.

I watch Amazon Instant Prime videos quite a bit. They have a good selection and many are free for prime.


I use Amazon Prime a lot, and the student increase ain't that bad, but mine expires in May. I might have to let it go until I figure out how to stop being poor.