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They should state that in their shipping policy but this is not unusual.


And now you have learned why you never pay extra for two day shipping. It does not, nor has it EVER, meant you will be holding the item in two days. It means it 'should' get there two days after they get around to shipping it, be that today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. Whenever they get around to shipping it, then that is when the timer starts.

Also, it's not guaranteed, and it means different things to different companies. For example two-day shipping to the USPS means it will be at the destination post office in two days, not necessarily the destination address. And again, it isn't guaranteed, so if it ISN'T on time...tough. Not a thing you can do about it.

Now, if the vendor stated upfront that all orders by 2PM whatever time zone ship that day, then I would expect it to be shipped that day. But if it doesn't explicitly say that, I find it unreasonable to assume it.


{Caveat: I haven't been awake long, and I'm just drinking my first cup of coffee. Typos likely, but any unkindness is accidental.}

Amazon has spoiled us in this regard. We've come to expect two day shipping to mean that we get it two days from whenever we buy it. I'll be honest, and admit that I keep falling into this same trap with Woot. I like to do it over and over, because I don't seem to be able to learn. :-}

I would say that unless it states in the offer that you will have it in your hands in two days, you should verify when it will be sent. I've spent more time reading shipping policies for something I want than in reading the details of the item. I look for things like "drop shipped" and "fulfilled by our center in Shanghai" to determine whether or not I will want an item. I am not saying that either of those statements will deter me, just providing them as examples. If the item is time sensitive, I will call them on the phone, and ask.



[More] If an item I want is from a company I'm not sure of, I won't spend the money if the total is over $10. This is an arbitrary number, but I stick to it. I will also only use my Amex card (because I trust them more), and I often have things shipped to my PO box rather than to my home (so that I don't have to care about when it arrives).

Before I forget, two day shipping is worth it (to me) on Wine dot Woot. It does seem to create "expedited" shipping (whatever that means), but more important, it means that wine spends only two days in a FedEx truck before it gets to my house, which makes it less likely that it will be ruined by the heat. This is the time of year I quit ordering wine online, since we are about to enter the triple digits, and there's simply no protecting it. Besides, I can just drive to the local wineries if I want something special, and I also have a reasonably stocked cellar.

I may return, later. Interesting question.


Sometimes, even with Amazon Prime, you'll see a note that reads "in stock, but may require 1-2 days processing time". I just ordered some tail light bulbs and that was the case. 2 day shipping, but I'll get it 4 days after the order was placed.
When I sell things on eBay, I state it will take 2 days processing time just because I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the package drop-off point the same day after the auction ends. Different vendors will have a different process of handing the package over to the parcel company, so processing times vary. They should state their average processing time up-front, though.


@shrdlu: Amazon is completely ridiculous. I often get things the very next day from them when shipped two day prime. And my mail comes at like 10 in the morning. I have no idea how they do it but everyone else is just full of fail compared to them.


Two day shipping is a crapshoot and so is any other type of shipping. The rule is it takes the time it takes. I ordered one of the T7 LED Lensers on woot and paid the usual $5 shipping on the evening of SAT 6-22 and received it in the mail on MON 6-24 making it a true 2 day shipping even though I only paid for standard. Sometimes smart post works.


Thanks for your opinions everyone. I guess paying for two day isn't really worth it.