questionsdid anyone else's houdini 5-piece wine gift set…


A couple of months ago I had ordered a Callaway golf shirt. A couple of weeks later I received an email from woot! explaining that their inventory was off. The email did come with an "Oops, sorry here is a $5 coupon".

The irony is a week later there was a woot! off and I was able to pick up the same shirt, but now for five bucks less using the coupon.

Win win, win (thank you Pam)!


I ordered a couple extra sets a while back as potential gifts. They are currently sitting in my "possible gift" section of my attic. I would be more than happy to work something out with you if you had your heart set on them. I have two sets and no one in particular in mind for them yet.


@coondogg97: thats pretty nice you got a coupon for your troubles, I was not so lucky.

@mkdr: Thank you for the very kind offer. Since it is still a while before Christmas, I will find another gift for these people.


Sorry your order was cancelled. I wasn't able to order the last Houdini offering during a previous woot-off - tried, though. :-( Just ordered a purple 1 from [Amazon] for $23.24 w/Free Super Saver Shipping. The also have the blue one for for $23.99. I LOVE this set!!


@mkdr: Hi, I was wondering if you still have these? I know you didn't offer it to me however, I also ordered one from woot. I opened the package today and it was COMPLETELY something else (sunscreen with wine label on box). This was supposed to be the PERFECT gift for my stepsons mother, now I am lost. I have emailed woot however am not sure what will happen at this point. Again, I know the offer wasn't for me but I thought I would give it a shot. Thank you so much for offering something like that to anyone as it is a very nice gesture. Merry Christmas!


@wiggles0246: Howdy! I definitely still have one and would be happy to work something out with you! I tried looking you up on the main forum side to PM you, but didn't get a hit for any posts. If you put my user name "mkdr" in the search function on any community section, click any of the comments that come up and then click on the envelope by my name to PM me. We can work out the details there. In case this is your first time using the PM system, you have to go into the "community" section to see if you have any, I don't believe there is a way to get email notification of a new message.