questionsdoes your company still have a christmas party?


We don't have a formal work sanctioned party. However, the last Friday of work before the holidays we all go up to the local watering hole to put back a couple.


I finally got our company to change the name from a Christmas party to a Holiday party. As the only Jewish employee I wasn't comfortable with attending a Christmas party and wouldn't when it was called such. Since the senior executives want me to attend, they changed the name to accomodate me.

What I don't understand is that why the company is having one at all, especially this year. The financials look like crap, only absolutely needed spending is allowed, yet the company is spending $70/person for a party at the CEO's country club. I say just give the employees a $25 grocery gift card and a six-pack and save the rest of the money to keep the company running.


Our small, family run corporation still does Christmas parties. It's sad to see this as a dieing tradition for larger companies.


One of our staff volunteers each year to set up a luncheon at a local restaurant. Everyone pays their own way, and in theory we are supposed to be back in the office within our lunch hour, so it's hardly an official office function. But the bosses (who attend) turn a blind eye to an extra hour at lunch that day and we do use the office email etc to set the party up. Organizing it is a thankless task so we usually talk a new employee into doing it.


Our "party" is super lame. It is during work hours and about 3 hours long. I work in a military hospital and we have to keep the clinic semi-open during the party, so people have to rotate out and man the phones. No booze, no games, no fun. I think it would be better to not have one than to have "mandatory fun."


My company doesn't even provide coffee anymore, let alone have a party. Some people do still get together for a White Elephant party to remember the days of yore, when we didn't worry about lay-offs all the time.


My company is now doing a "Winter Appreciation Event" which sounds like some sort of sale a car dealership would run...


We do. There are only 9 people at my firm including the 2 owners so it isn't real expensive. We go out to lunch at a local restaurant. No alcohol - just food.


@ganzhimself: I'm sorry, that is just horrible. You need a Christmas party because... well, it's Christmas.

Or I suppose as @bigreddogatl: says, a holiday party of some kind. But "Winter Appreciation Event" is just the worst.


My department in my company just had ours last week. About 300 people came, and it was dinner and that's about it. But it was a great meal on the company dime. :)


My company's was two weekends ago, at one of the partner's country club. Really nice event, open bar, dinner, some music, prizes, etc. Probably 200-300 people there, staff + spouses/etc. Public accounting firm.

My girlfriend's company, a major division of a Fortune 500, was departmental and sort of a potluck.


There is a departmental party rather than a company party. If, for any reason you can't attend, they send you a gift card so you can eat when time permits. Very thoughtful I think.


@nastyducky: The worst part about it is that the party is in January.


@bigreddogatl: lol nice job sticking to stereotypes.


I work for a small firm (10 people), and we participate in a Small Business Christmas Party along with several other companies at the senior partner's Country Club. It's really nice (spouses/partners invited along with former employees), and with awesome food & an open bar, plus dancing, so likely pretty expensive.

2 of the 6 lawyers here are Jewish, including the senior partner, but it's still called a Christmas Party. I'd go if it was a Holiday or Hannukah party, I'm not fussy as long as there's good food and music.


@bigreddogatl: Nice! The holidays should be about inclusion, not exclusion. Sometimes people just assume everyone is on the same page. We used to do a "Chinese gift exchange" until we had people from China attend... Apparently, that phrase has negative connotations...oops... We changed it and now nobody feels awkward and everyone participates.
Not being religious, I don't mind going to "Christmas" parties as long as they don't try to church it up with prayer and hymns and whatnot. Can't we just appreciate one another and have a nice time without bringing faith into it? Especially if it's a work function that people of all beliefs have been invited to.

Typical that your comment was down-voted. That's the "if you ain't with us, yer against us" attitude you'll get from the Christians! LOL! Relax, friends, I only kid the Christians. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Or just happy any day!


Yeah, but it's at the end of the day, 4pm, after a day of work, so not sure how great it will be..


As with most place it's gone to a "Holiday Party" not an issue with me. No spouses, but they let folks off early to attend at noon.


Our office used to have a big party that cost roughly 60 grand.

Then the economy went bad and people started getting let go. Can't justify firing someone then having a party that costs their salary.

Things have been much better lately, we had a party for the first time in three years this past weekend, but not quite as expensive.


We have a LudaChristmas party where I work!


We're having a "holiday party" after work one Friday night, at a posh hotel in mid-January. It's the "wear your best earrings and fancy holiday clothes" party. The one at which Emma from Human Resources is most likely to get drunk, hit on the boss, and sheepishly call in sick the following Monday and Tuesday. (Note: name changed to protect...well, my job)

We're also having a "holiday luncheon" at the office this coming Friday. No spouses, of course. And no alcohol. Emma will probably skip it. ;)


We're (my department) having our Christmas party tomorrow...nothing fancy (at all). We're going to small restaurant downtown, buy your own meal, then doing a little White Elephant gift exchange.
At least one of the bosses has to go back to the office later in the afternoon for a meeting...I blocked off my calendar for the event...hoping that they'll let us go for the rest of the afternoon.
Last year we did a fun little Christmas trivia and a meal was brought in (paid for by the company (or bosses)) and it was a good, fun time...though that was in another department...


We are doing karaoke, so it's being called a Karaoke Party. The office has both Christmas stuff and Hanukkah stuff around.

Personally, I don't care what it's called... as long as I can eat and drink, and have fun. Since I'm not giving, or receiving, and gifts it's really just an end-of-year party to celebrate a good year of hard work. At least, that's how I always look at it.


Our Holiday Party has turned into a Luncheon during business hours. Personally, I'd be ok if they eliminated it all together.


We are having a "Holiday Luncheon" during business hours as well. Rumor has it, they used to do off-site parties with drinks and the works but, a few people had a bit too much fun. It has been on-site and booze-free ever since.


We used to have amazing holiday parties.

::remembers the halcyon days wistfully::

I worked for a medium-sized company headquartered locally. We'd rent out all of the ball rooms at the Omni or a similar nice-ish hotel.

A seated dinner was followed by dancing to both live music & DJs. There were ice sculptures & complimentary portraits.

Oh yeah, and there was an open bar (beer/wine only, but still) all night!

People dressed up - some in tux's. Spouses & dates were welcome. Some booked limo's. One year, the CEO came to the after-party I was hosting and drank with us - a bunch of drunken idiots in our early 20s.

Additionally, each employee got a turkey before Thanksgiving (unless you requested yours be donated to a local charity).


Then we were taken over by a larger company. Gone are the turkeys & parties. The party was replaced by an at-work luncheon. At least it wasn't pot-luck.

Then a year or two later, they made it a pot-luck luncheon.


At least I have a job.


We have a Christmas party, but since this will be my 1st year to attend I'm not sure how "all out" they will go.

And as the only Jewish person at my company, I couldn't care less what it's called!

I'm just excited to mingle and hang out with my coworkers out of the office setting.


Yes, in fact it is tomorrow afternoon, 3-5 PM.

There will be an assortment of finger and buffet foods, with bottled beer (usually at least one or two kinds better than Bud) and wine (cheap merlot and chardonnay) and non-alcoholic drinks like soda, water and coffee.

There will also be a crappy DJ who plays fairly awful music.

The majority of the people I work with will stand on the sides of the dancefloor (it is held in one of the ballrooms on campus) watching the mostly bad dancers and handful of good ones and making small talk.


Sadly, no. It seems they have killed it off completely. A shame too.

Time for me to find a new job!


Not only do we not have a holiday party, many people are being forced to take unpaid time off, and we have no holiday pay for the people who are working. None of our management will be here though, can't ask them to work like us underlings. >_< Btw, our owner is a Billionaire who recently opened two new offices and our company has record profits (thanks to greatly underpaying employees! Yay!!).

I wouldn't go to one if we had it, but I most certainly would accept holiday pay.. and I understand most others would appreciate the offer for a party.


My company caters lunch one day on the week before Christmas when everyone should be in the office anyways. The president of the company says he does not like to interfer with employees' plans and I appreciate that.


Well, today's Holiday Party was somewhat of a mixed bag...

The food was as good as in previous years, though there was a more limited selection (they basically cut the dishes from previous years that weren't all that great and got rid of the cheese, fruit and cracker platters).

The beer, however, was a major disappointment.

Unlike previous years, with an assortment of bottled Corona, Heineken, Stella, Coors Light, Bud, etc., this year there was ONLY Coors Light, pumped into pitchers from a keg. If nothing else, I was reminded that Michelob Ultra is better than Coors Light.


I work at a corporate lawfirm in IT sort of. I'm a programmer and a web dev for intranet, etc... Anyway, they used to have a lavish party at some hotel ballroom that I would never even think about attending. Now they have a party at 2:30 in the board room a few weeks before Xmas (last Friday this year) with wine, beer, and some snacks. I stayed until 5:30, I normally cut out of work at 4:00. LOL. I was out cold on the bus.