questionsraspberry pis will be shipping soon. what do you…


I am going to try it out as an Instrument controller (working in conjunction with a stepper motor control board) inside a Bio-Microscopy scanner.


I plan on hanging my board from a string in my garage and using that as my "guide" to know that I am in the garage all the way.

Then I may think about IT related uses for it


The home automation server sounds like a prime idea.. hadn't thought of that!


:( I didn't get one. I should see if I can get one now.

Then I can add it to the stack of other microcontrollers and the like that I've purchased and never really built much of anything useful with.


What? Last time I checked they said shipping in August. >:(


@zuiquan Last update was 7-10 business days for people who ordered on the first day.