questionsare you looking forward to david tennant & billie…


Poor David Tennant. He will really have to tone down his acting to let Matt Smith catch up. I will watch it because Tennant became my Doctor, but I am going to bet he has few lines.


I'm excited to see my doctor, always loved the 10th, but I could do without Rose. Not my favorite companion.


As most Whovians, I am excited at the announcement, but I must admit I am a bit fearful of how it might play out. Rose is supposedly permanently trapped in another dimension, that the TARDIS can't get to even though it has 'dimension' right there in the name (and has gone there at least three times and she has escaped at least twice). Furthermore, she is trapped there with a human version of the Doctor. So if the story goes THERE, then no, I am not looking forward to it.

On the other hand, if they do a loop back to the whole Bad Wolf thing, THAT would be cool.


I like Rose best, so far, but I've only seen like four years.

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David Tennant, yes. Billie Piper, no. Her teeth give me the heebie jeebies.

Actually, Rose was awesome. I just wish she had a better dentist because it looks like an evil tooth alien is trying to climb out of her mouth. She's extremely beautiful except for that one throwback to English dentistry, and a good actress, but I just can't get past those giant chompers.