questionsbest way to feed a kid's comics appetite?


Well, if she can read them digitally, I know Marvel has released DVD-ROMs of large collections of old issues saved as PDFs. Check out this link: Then there's this link that I'm pretty sure contains links to mostly bootlegged scans, though I'm not positive. If digital is not the route for you, check ebay for large bundles of random, assorted comics with a cheap per-copy cost.

Though if your daughter is only seven, make sure you get age-appropriate titles. Even some of the mainstream titles have had their subject matter mature quite a bit over the last several years in an attempt to hang on to aging readers.


Or you could subscribe to Marvel or DC online to get unlimited comics.


If you've got a local comic book shop that's a great place to get going. Most older comics are priced at far less than what they originally sold for and if you're going to do a bulk-buy most places will give you great deals. Get in tight with the geeks in the shops and they'll hook you up.


The library has trade paperbacks (I think that's the term) of Spider-man called "Stan Lee presents The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2" and "Essential Spider-Man Vol. 1." Good?


Almost every significant issue of comics, especially from Marvel and Silver Aged DC (roughly late 1950s thru early 1970s) have been reprinted in various forms. The local comic book shop idea mentioned earlier is a great idea. Most of these guys know exactly what direction to point you in... Another option, if you know what you want, would be to do a search on EBay. There are many respectable dealers and collectors that trade there and the prices are often very reasonable...

Enjoy... Comics hold a special place in my heart. I was a dealer/collector by the time I was 12 years old. Aside from aiding my imagination and reading skills, it taught me all about the capital markets which became the cornerstone of my career as an adult...


Great responses, thanks!

Here's an exchange that occurred today, when she was reading about Captain America in her Lego Club magazine.

her: Daddy, why was Captain America frozen for 70 years?
me: He crash-landed a plane in the north pole.


Marvel Masterworks . . . full color trade paperbacks. This is what I was looking for. Our statewide library system has Masterworks Vol. 1 of X-Men, Avengers, Iron man, Cap, Thor, Fantastic 4 . . . and I put "holds" on them so that they'll send them to my local branch for me to check out. Excellent.

No Spider-man, though, so I bought that one at for like $14 ($25 in-store . . . go figure).