questionswill my unlimited data plan for verizon wireless…


Why wouldn't you call Verizon and ask? ...seriously.

Customer Service
Dial *611 from your cell phone
(800) 922-0204
Monday-Sunday 6am-11pm


@iggz: Odds are, the reps at Verizon won't know either. I'm willing to bet that if you called and asked 3 different reps, you'd get 3 different answers.


@iggz: Gee, I'd have never thought of that ;P

I've called them several times over the last few days to speak to different reps, all of whom either didn't know anything about the upcoming change, or if they did they weren't saying so. Apparently this news was made public from leaked internal memos.

I'm kind of hoping someone might have info from an inside source, or maybe someone familiar with how verizon operates could share some experience...


best guess: no. you will not be grandfathered.
regardless of whether or not you buy it outright or during an upgrade, verizon will have to activate the imei or esn to your account (at&t will automatically read the imei as an iphone, dunno bout verizon)& if the verizon iphone is anything like at&t's iphone... it has its own set of data plans seperate from pda data packages.


@finaltheorem: didn't catch that you were thinking of buying one "now" as a painful option. That should still be an option if you're quick about it. The downside is, if they do change your plan afterwards... there is no going back to your old plan.


I spoke to my brother about this yesterday and he considered signing up with Verizon (he's currently on T-Mobile with still a year to go) and I told him that as far as I understood it, Verizon could, as a worse case scenario, continue to go through with their new data pricing regardless of what anyone wants and just let people who complain about it out of their contracts.

AFAIK, Verizon devices wouldn't be usable on other carriers, so he'd likely end up back at square one instead of being grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan. ...also, can you be grandfathered into a DATA plan? I thought contracts were centered around voice.

Anyways, lemme know if I'm wrong. I'm sure he'd like good news.


No. if you are taking advantage of the new phone deal then you will be signing a new contract that will kill the old one. If unlimited isn't available then you won't be able to get it.


Email response from Verizon rep:

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. My name is [name], and I am happy to assist you regarding your concern with the upcoming changes to the date feature. I certainly understand your interest in wanting to maintain the unlimited data allowance feature. I'll be happy to provide more detail concerning the upcoming changes.

If you are currently using a Smartphone with an unlimited plan and you upgrade to a new Smartphone or otherwise renew your contract, you will not be required to move to the new pricing at this time. However, if you are currently using a basic (feature) phone with an unlimited plan and you upgrade to a new Smartphone, you will be required to move to one of the new usage based data plans.

Pricing for the new data plans have not been revealed to the public as of 06/29. As a result future details concerning this change are not available at this time.


If you upgrade your account with a new agreement you will lose the unlimited plan. The unlimited plan cancellation will affect every verizon customer at some point.