questionsdid you see that phil saw his shadow?


Someone is going to turn the little varmint into Sunday Dinner !


Despite chants of "Kill the Groundhog", this day is my second favorite holiday. I posted something similar in another thread, but I will say it again.
I am a big fan of the Groundhog, and I am here to wish all my Wootizen friends Happy Groundhog Day! I think it should be the official holiday of February, unlike that other fake, made-up, mass merchandising holiday. Groundhog day is about the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and the critters. It's exactly half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. That means we have made it half way through a long, cold, dark winter; the sunshine will return and nature will renew itself. Spring is just around the corner, I don't care what that little rodent says. Tis a day of hope!
May the Groundhog be with you!

P.S. I like to eat a little sausage on Groundhog day - you know...ground...hog.


@hot72chev: don't forget all the people getting wasted at 6am too. They show the festivities on the PA Cable Network and it's like Mardi Gras in the dead of winter....


No. I haven't been able to get online all day.


Groundhog's Day is a favorite movie of mine. It makes me want to head down to Punxsutawney one of these years to join in. Great holiday.
Don't you want to go someday too ?

As for early spring or more winter. There's always more winter here !