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note: the panda cam is currently offline:
"We've had some major storms this evening here in Atlanta. The storms in the vicinity have caused some damage to the equipment that streams the live footage. This equipment is not in the building where the pandas are housed. All is fine in the panda building. We hope to have the equipment repaired by tomorrow morning."

i am a sad panda :(


@carl669: Oh noes! You can also subscribe to a daily panda email update (can you tell I'm a total sucker for panda babies?), which will help you get through till the cam is back up.

Because mama pandas in the wild usually ignore a second twin and concentrate on just one baby, the Atlanta Zoo is carefully swapping the two babies every 2-3 hours between Lun Lun's care and the zoo's nursery, where the second baby is care for by a zoo vet and other staffers.

Oh, the things one can learn....

P.S. Great sad-panda pic!


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For the record: there were some nasty storms here in Atlanta last night. The Panda-Cam appears to be back up, though.


I heard about this on the news but am excited to see the links! Thanks for posting! And to get an idea of the size of the little ones, here is a photo from a British publication:


It is amazing the baby does not get squished or lost in the straw. Maybe that's why they are so loud!


@bnbsouthworth: That's kind of what I figured, too. They don't seem to have many predators that would locate them by sound, so an evolutionary advantage would probably favor making loud, here-I-am! noises.

You might also enjoy this vidclip. Poor mama is chomping on a big chunk of bamboo when her baby sneezes.


I had no idea they were so small. Pandas of any size are just about the cutest thing ever. The highlight of our last vacation was seeing the pandas, awake, at the National Zoo. That made the heat, humidity and hilly walk totally worth it.


@pitamuffin: The National Zoo is where I first saw pandas, too. I expected them to be big, like western brown bears, but they're more similar to our Florida black bears. They just always look as if they should be all fuzzy and snuggely and definitely not all wild bearish.


I think I'll have some panda paws ice cream to celebrate !

They are adorable.


Aside from marsupials (whose babies do much of their development in their mother's pouch), pandas are the smallest mammal in proportion to their adult size.

The facts one has on hand when they work in children's publishing. . .