questionsdid you hear about pandora?


,Strange, I actually got that same exact email, over a year ago. I was listening to another station around that time and only went over twice, on my 40 hours. I paid my .99 2x total. Trust me I am listening a whole lot more than 40 hours now, and I never get billed. I also haven't gotten the email again, hope I don't.


At least the premium service fee is reasonable at $3.99/month or $36/year.


Or you can try one of the other streaming services which is exactly what I would do.


This is why I listen to Spotify, you don't have to deal with all that


The 40 hour cap is for mobile listeners. I think there is still no fee for laptop/desktop users.


They say piracy went down last year, probably because of sites like Pandora. So it looks like it's gonna go back up.


She should have never opened that box.


@coondogg97 I switch back and forth everyday between Pandora and Slacker, I just thought it was weird that after all this time I get an email now.


My yearly Pandora subscription is one of the best annual purchases I make. I've got it set up on my home computer, work computer (plays all day), my phone, wife's phone, and home theater receiver; all commercial-free, all synched with my stations. I enjoy it and I'm happy to support the company and their model.


I read about this earlier this week. It prompted me to go ahead and subscribe for a year. I'd been meaning to do it for a while.


BTW... This is only affecting mobile streaming, i.e. anytime you are using the Pandora app. Desktop streaming is not affected by this.

From the email:
"I'm writing to give you an important heads up. In an effort to balance the reality of increasing royalty costs with our desire to maximize access to free listening on Pandora, we are implementing a 40-hour per month limit on free mobile listening. "


@embhorn: You are correct, sorry I forgot to add that.


Try Slacker. Still free and unlimited. Better selection too IMO.


I really like pandora's model though. I happily sprung for the 36/yr subscription. The first few months i had it, i discovered so much new music i liked, and re-discovered a lot of stuff i had forgotten about and would not have otherwise searched for on spotify,, etc. Yes they all have a "artists like this" feature, but pandora a> automates that, and b> once you've fine tuned your likes and dislikes, really starts hitting home runs with the selections.

basically, if you prefer being in control of your playlists, and want specific albums/songs - pandora isn't for you. If you like the "surprise me" style of playlist, governed by your tastes and station choices, then pandora still does it best IMO.


I think it's a reasonable amount to pay.


@amoraluv: 100% agree. No cost and if you download blockify it mutes the ads. Not only that but it's full albums by almost every artists AND artist and genre radio. I never understood why people still use pandora anymore, especially after this.


I listen only on my iPhone and for the first time ever I got the notice that I was nearly 40 hours for the month. I had the option to stop listening for the month, pay 99 cents to continue out the month unlimited with commercials or upgrade to Pandora One either at the yearly or monthly price. I chose the 99 cent option - my question is if you can pay 99 cents for continued unlimited listening for any month you go over 40 hours - why are people paying $3.99 a month for no commercials? In my opinion the commercials are pretty minimal anyway and I never even notice them so it's not worth paying more than 99 cents - however, I do think that the yearly price is fair and reasonable but essentially I can pay $12.00 a year with commercials versus $36 without. And I don't always go over 40 hours so it's not worth paying for Pandora One. I haven't tried any other streaming music except for I heart radio and I hated it!