questionswoots challenge/advice: accessories for my new…


Perhaps a lens cleaning kit. Also those thingy's that fit onto the end of the lens that reduce glare on the lens.


What kind of work are you planning to do with the camera?


Sounds like you've got a pretty good range on your lenses thus far. As to which lens or lens type you'd like next, that would depend mostly on what you are interested in shooting. If you're into still life and close-ups, I'd say go with a macro (unless one of the lenses you've already got has at least a decent macro function).

If I were you, I'd probably just save the money to replace the lenses you already own with higher quality lenses that have wider f-stop ranges, and perhaps image stabilization (which often decreases said aperture ranges, unless they're on the higher end) a little later on down the road. Don't buy it cheap if you want your equipment to work well for you - that's been my experience with photo stuff.

Another possibility that catches my interest as a photographer would be a good external flash system - for me the speed-light system, since I'm a fairly recent convert to Nikon's line.


@sgoman5674: I have 'inherited' a set of UV/Skylight filters from my father's old A1 that were in good condition and well cared for.
@arosiriak: The kit lenses have served me very very well in the 4 months I've had the camera.
I am almost positive that the camera itself does the image stabilization.
I hadn't considered a flash, as I have shot only during daylight outside.
I was looking into a used 50mm prime lens with an f-stop around 1.4-1.8 on ebay but they seem to be going for too much.
Macro does interest me, but I haven't had a chance to mess with the camera's macro function yet.

I could get a moderately cheap mono/tri-pod, but I've heard that they aren't really worth it.


@jdenn: For far less than the price of even a cheap lens, I'm sure that you could find a decent tripod setup. Try B&H or Adorama - I've used them as photographic equipment suppliers before, and they have good service.

And another note on the image stabilization, while many cameras will have some built in, the specifics to which I was referring is more for the higher-powered zoom lenses, which can definitely benefit from added stabilization, unless you're shooting from a tripod, or at very fast shutter speeds.

Also, Bravo to the A1! That was my first real camera too... Good old 35mm black and white is the best way to learn, seriously.


@arosiriak: thanks, but unfortionatly the A1 is not operational and dad still holds onto thinking he can get it working again (Not really sure why, he has a new-ish cannon dslr)
THe more i think about it, I am leaning towards a $20-30 and then maybe further down the road a one of those wide angle adapters. Does anyone have experience with this one of those?


One of the best investments you can get for an SLR is a fixed focus lens. I have a Canon T1i, and the "Nifty-Fifty" 50mm is my favorite lens. They usually have a very large aperture size, F/1.8 for the 50, and allows for very low light shooting. There seems to be a comparable version for Nikon,, in the same price range.


@mrmucox: I'd love to get a lens like that, but I have a pentax and I haven't been able to find a lens like that in a similar price range... i can afford a 100 dollar lens but not much more


@jdenn: Oops! I saw Pentax, and understood Nikon. Apparently, the SMC Pentax-A 50mm f/1.7 is a good choice, there are a couple on eBay for ~$100 right now:
Same sentiments as before.


I picked up a 50mm F/2 prime lens for 40 dollars and i plan to get a tripod, Thanks for the help!


Been using my 50mm prime a few times now, and I'm really liking it... Thanks again all