questionshave you noticed an increased amount of down…


Notice, not really, especially since I actually don't venture on the deals side.

There are a couple members who seem to have a grudge against my ramblings ... whatever. Life goes on.

I do know the formula for calculating the ranking is still screwed up. It's been nearly 2 days now - why am I still in the #1 spot? It's broken!
(Narf's shirt of the day).


I've noticed it.
I recently posted a few tablet deals that were subsequently downvoted.
I figure if the deal is good enough to garner a 14 page thread on SD, then it's a good deal, so ??

I chalk it up to griefers. (anyone remember that term?)

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I have noticed it. I posted a rather innocuous (wow, too big of a work to use this early in the morning!) question yesterday that was immediately downvoted.


@conanthelibrarian: WTH? That was a perfectly fine question...did they think downvoting was responding 'no' or something?


Yes, and not only on deals, but also on questions and comments. I got a strange downvote this morning on an innocuous comment just agreeing with the OP. The downvote actually appeared in less than 5 seconds from posting. Very wierd.

I'm also seeing lots of negative comments posted by folks whose triangles are white or yellow or whatever other color indicates low participation. Strange. Makes me wonder why folks who haven't posted, voted or commented recently suddenly decided to become critics.


Yes, I noticed it in the morning (EST) especially. I will log in, start looking a the deals, refresh and that fast someone will have come through and downvoted everything except for a couple of deals, in a big swoop. It's really strange.


I haven't noticed an increase, but it appears my downvote stalkers have been more consistent lately. I'm looking at you kmeltzer


Many of the people that have unpleasant things to say seem to create accounts just to say them, and then move on. Sometimes they keep them.

Ages ago, I created a couple of accounts to be funny with (but they have no votes of their own, poor things). I miss @jabathewoot, who was created by someone else to be funny (and he was, too). Sadly, the rest of you can't know what a fun guy he was, because the history of comments no longer extends past one year, and all his funny stuff (and @theflounder's, too) was further away than that.

Ah, well. Nothing is forever.

Yes, it seems like downvoting is excessively mean, lately (even more so than usual). Sometimes I'll go through questions, upvoting random comments that were downvoted (except for the mean-spirited ones). I've had comments downvoted here and there for no reason other than it was me making them.

A while back there was an image posted, that was a billboard for a church. It said "Downvoting is here to stay. Get used to it."



This is purely conjecture of course (@conanthelibrarian: you're not the only one who can do that heeheehee ;)

Maybe it's as simple as a dramatic increase in Woot users. If you declared water to be wet in a room with enough people, someone's panties would get bunched up just enough to downvote you for it. A bigger room, bigger bunches.


Wasn't me. I'm still a down-voting virgin.


@shrdlu: What struck me as odd on the rash of negative comments by those who rarely participate is that I noted "joined" dates as far back as 2006. Makes me wonder if this folks were always negative and have just been stranded on a deserted island for the last 7 years.


@belyndag: There are plenty of people with multiple accounts, and there always have been. Chipgreen (note the deliberate lack of invocation by omitting the @) has said he has two (created to take advantage of wine offerings).

I think there have always been people who didn't participate much, and yet were negative, but sometimes those are people who used to participate more, and don't really do it all that much now.

There seem to be far less active people (not more) than there used to be. So it goes.


@shrdlu: That's true. I set up a second account several years ago to stock up on some Christmas gifts (that darned 3 item limit!). I never came over to DW with it, but my SIL took it over (long story) and she's over here occasionally. I can't imagine setting up an account just to be negative. Takes all kinds, I guess.


you just earned yourself a down vote mister! :)


Down with Down Voters!

Where is the love?

Wait, did I just contradict myself?


Maybe they have Down's Syndrome.


I noticed as well, I have the same couple of negative votes on most of my comments, seemingly for no reason. I wonder if they think that downvoting others will increase their rep? Perhaps they don't realize that downvotes are not weighted as heavily as upvotes?


Just one last observation, I just spotted a negative comment about a deal and got curious so I checked on the poster. This member has been a member for several years, but has posted no deals or questions, has never voted (either up or down), and has only posted about half a dozen comments, all negative. Strange. Sort of the Debbie Downer of DW, I guess. I can only wonder why he/she bothers to show up at all.