questionsemail notifications have stopped.


I got my last one at 7:25pm EST.


Did you check your spam filters? Mine all get caught and stopped before they get here. When I saw how many were in the spam filter, I decided against checking the box in the future. I get hundreds of emails a day. Don't really want another hundred. I'll just check online.


There have been a series of site outages today, that could have something to do with it.


@debbiedunlap: No. Nothing in the spam bin.

@catbertthegreat: Maybe. I hope they fix it. It's a great feature.

I notice the deals.woot Twitter feed is broken, too.


@shawnmiller: Yay, the e-mails and Twitter feed are back. Thank you!


@shrdlu: I received your last mention notification and I just received the subscription notification for the comment before this one. Appears to be working correctly.

Check your junk mail? Also remember that if you add a comment before the 10 minute edit window we cancel any pending email notifications for that deal/question.