questionswhy are tags on posts being changed and removed?


@jumbowoot: You forgot all told. I am sad


See above. Since they seem to dance around the answer, let me give it to you.

The nominal reason: SEO (search engine optimization). I remain unconvinced, as the search function on this beast is, ah, NTG.

The real reason: Gives the mods something to do that they can show their bosses so they continue to get paid.

The reason we suspect: They enjoy being mean. Or get jealous that you thought up the cool tag first.


That's been going on forever. Half the time I don;t bother with tags at all as they are going to change/add their own anyway.


@jumbowoot: I went to the link you posted and continued from there to other links and to responses from mods on this subject.
Questions from many wooters was why isn't it consistent?
I gained the most information from this link from 2 years ago:

I also went to specific mods posts and saw tags of music, cleaning, cooking, furniture, android, computers, holidays, games, clothing, shopping, education, children, health, relationships, fun, problem-solving, frustrating (which this is), office, challenge, playtime, ideas, tv, dance, ipad, electronics, apple, baby, facebook, outdoors, cookie, kitchen, home, photography, travel, shoes, toys, wedding, fish, pets, and many more.

Many of those tags would have described my posts so why weren't any of those tagged on them? A generic clean sweep of 18 days of my posts tags were removed and only say books, ebooks.
I researched as told to.


It appears that the general consensus is no one knows. We simply strive to gain information and want to post deals for the Woot community with a consistent set of guidelines.


@jylissia: I cannot speak for the mods, however I went and looked at your deals. Most of them have kindle right in the title, so tagging it with kindle seems redundant. Now if I want to see a list of books (including yours), it makes sense to add that in the tags as a broader group to search by.


Because it's always been that way. :) I think @wilfbrim has it right though.


Stockholm syndrome. Mods, sysops, and pretty much anyone put into positions of control always let it go to their heads. Some outgrow it eventually, though not all.


@jylissia: I understand your frustration, as you want your deals to be easily found/accessible. Not to worry, though....
It didn't take me long at all to figure out to just go to your name and click on deals you've posted, as it's MUCH faster than scrolling through the first several pages OR doing a search by tags. I do that every day now (go straight to your name to see your deals posted.) :-)
Once someone sees that you consistently post good, free, ebooks on such a regular basis, I'm sure they'll figure that out, too.


I went to the posts I had made to buy all the books I posted and had to click on every single one to figure out if it was horror or not because I don't want to read horror books. That was when I saw they had changed the tags.


@jylissia: If it makes you feel any better, I made a post late last night/early this am about the transit of Venus event. I thought I chose good tags: science, astronomy, venus.
Now it's just "chat, space".
Hmmmm.....I don't mind them adding the chat one (since I simply forgot it), but my other tags seemed more appropriate/searchable than just the obtuse tag of "space". Go figure.
But back to your books, what I do is hover the cursor over the title/link of your post without actually clicking on it, and what you've typed in the description pops up in a white box so I can see if I'd be interested before clicking on it.
I do agree that a descriptive tag of "horror" "comedy" "children's" "cooking" etc. would be useful on your ebook posts, and don't understand why they remove those. It's a basic classification of genre thing.
But even if you don't read them yourself, I sure hope you keep posting the free horror ebooks, as I love that genre!


And what's even funnier (in a funny strange way, not a funny ha-ha way).....
I don't post much in the questions area (although I do read and answer here a good bit), and it's partly because I was left with a bad taste in my mouth from being chastised for not putting ANY tags on a couple of them (I thought it was "optional"....and just didn't think it impt to add any.)
Well, if they're going to change them all anyway, I don't see why any of us should bother. Gives them more to do.
(Even though I'd always thought of this as a community-driven place, with some pretty excellent members doing most of the driving.)