questionsanyone else's order get cancelled on the feb7th…


What does that have to do with deals.woot? Yes, the deal was posted on the site, but you bought it from who has no affiliation with woot or its subsites. I'd recommend contacting the company you actually purchased the item from.


@ruger9mm: But how would deals know what you purchased from other sites?


@luvche21: It would be a toggle that users could switch that would populate a list on their user tab. So you would push the purchased button on a deal and on your user tab you would have added, commented, purchased, etc. and the purchased tab would be populated with deals you yourself identified as having bought.

@luvche21: He said he couldn't remember where he purchased it, why the hostility? He was asking for help from other wooters that may have seen the deal or had a similar experience, I think it was a relevant inquiry.