questionshow do you get coupons & other things from deals…


Use the search function on the Ask the Community side to find previous discussions on this subject.

Coupons have been given for various types of activity on the site.


The thread @baqui63 gave you will serve you well. The short, short answer is participate on this site. Post deals, vote for deals, ask and answer questions. AND, in the end - you might find yourself staying for more than just the coupons.


The question I have is how do you even know if you got something? I looked in the past thread but I could not find anything. I have been participating regularly but I don't know how they tell you if you are rewarded.


@bryan3509: You'll get an email, from the desk of Jumbowoot. Obviously in the email account you have registered with your Woot account.


Wowser, another question devoted to Jumbowoot coupons. Will there be an end?


Sorry I didn't realize how thoroughly this question had already been answered.


@bryan3509: Not to be a jerk or anything but, seriously? A simple search of Jumbowoot or coupons would have yielded tons of these questions. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


@studerc: The other half is killing people.