questionshow ironic is it that columbo is today's gold box…


Please, please forgive me, this flew over my head. Don't know why it's ironic; nor why Amazon is insensitive. Did check; Peter Falk died almost 2 years ago.

I know I'm probably going to feel silly here. Am missing what this has to do w/"Boston," which is one of your tags. Just being honest, okay?

Could you explain in simple terms for simple-minded me? Thanks! (Please be kind.)


I spend most of my days in a clueless need to be gentle or kind with me.

What the heck are you on about?!?!?

(original tags for clarity-- "tags:columbo wegonfindyou boston " )


@gmwhit: Just a take from an insensitive person....the "irony" would come from Columbo being a detective, relating to what's happening in Boston......the "insensitive" part would be the same subject since it's a major story right now about the Boston bombers. WTF, I don't understand either.


Wow, this is a stretch. Sorry OP, but you are being way over sensitive. I see no problem unless I am completely missing something here.


I found some dark humor in a homicide detective series being the DOTD.

But after all the whining here I popped "Colombo bombing" into Google, and there was a match.


@xochiluvr: Thanks for coming back and explaining why you asked this question. (Dark humor, Amazon's Deal of the Day, Columbo bombing.)

Still don't 'get' it. Not being obtuse as far as I know. :-/

Don't think anyone was whining. But, that's just me. Others might disagree. You will, I'm sure.