questionssometimes i wonder....


That's a very good question.


Stupidity. There, you no longer need to wonder.


Because, some people do not know how to use tablets and are limited on electronics knowledge. I have purchased digital picture frames for my mom and my grams. I just give them new cards for special occasions, and even load them. For them, it is plug and play. They do not have to do anything to get to the pictures, they just turn it on and voila!


@pyxientx: Thank you for your non-put-down comment. I'm not totally tech-illiterate, but it really hadn't occurred to me even to use a tablet this way. OTOH, I don't have enough pictures to bother putting them into an electronic frame, so I never had reason to think about it. I use my tablet for some surfing, some email, a little Kindle-app reading, and a lot of nicely portable games, but most of my computer use is on my desktop.

I think your gift giving and maintenance are sweet things to do for family members who can then enjoy the pictures without any hassle.


@magic cave: My fault...I didn't think that a bit of humor was no longer acceptable. If you took that as a serious post, you have my heartfelt apologies. This goes to everyone.

Please do have some laughs sometimes everyone.


@magic cave: Thanks. My grams used to travel the world and was an avid photographer. As she got older and unable to travel we started collecting pictures for her. My family sent pics via email they found on the internet that she would like. We all helped her travel the last 10 years of her life via those pictures. My mom says that since she is on a computer all day at work there is no reason to use one at home. She also is not tech savvy. Her pictures are of us kids and grandkids.

I know this is the digital age, but not everyone is willing to learn to finagle menus to get to things. There are always alternatives that are just as viable for these people. Otherwise these things would not be sold.

Add: As to using a tablet as a photo frame... While possible, you would have to set the screen to never turn off. I am not sure that the tablet was meant to be on everyday, all day for years. The photo frames are. My grams' has lasted for 5-6 years now. I have already gone through 3 tablets.


I bought all my digital picture frames for under $5 at yard sales. Beat that. Plus, they use less power than a tablet. On the other hand, a tablet has battery backup for those rare power outages when you can't bear to be without your memories.


@morriea: I probably should have skipped the comment, since yours just seemed really not like you. Please accept my apology for not giving you more credit.


@morriea: I got no problem with it. Probably the same people who can't even drive the right direction in the parking lot.


I bought my photo frame before the advent of tablets. But here are a couple of others. It's big, I think 14" on the diagonal. It has an easel back so it can stand either portrait or landscape without any kind of case. The glass is fitted into an oak picture frame, so it looks like a picture rather than a machine. The photo display is started every morning by simply flipping the switch on in the back, no set up or anything else required. Lastly, even though it wasn't cheap, it's lack of versatility makes it less attractive to thieves, so I can safely leave it on my desk at work. I rarely used it for years in my huge window office, where I had about 30 pieces of art on my walls and giant picture windows. Now that they have crammed us into grim windowless cubicles with barely enough wall space for a couple of pieces of art I use the digital frame all day every day. At home I use my 65" TV with the computer hooked to it as an enormous digital picture frame when I am entertaining.


Funny, we did exactly that - was clearing out a pseudo-tablet for $49. Pseudo because it has a permanent stand molded into the base. It is not packable. It looks like they designed it to sit on the kitchen counter to act as a connected tool.

The guts are weak enough that it is dead-ended at Android 2.x But it functions perfectly fine as a Pandora/Email/Photo frame device.

Amazon sells them but I don't know how they get $100-180 for them. The price fluctuates wildly.


My mother is definitely not tech-savvy (although she was addicted to "MyFace" for a while). I found a combination frame/clock/radio for her several years ago that she just loved. I gather pictures from the entire family and loaded it before I gave it to her, so she didn't have to figure anything out. As she suffers some confusion (she's had three small strokes), the clock and calendar feature helps a lot.

I only have one digital frame right now, and I bought it several years ago, before tablets were around. They were incredibly pricey when they were first available, but I scored one on Woot at a better price (although not nearly as low as the prices are now!). Still, I see a use for the inexpensive digital frames. I haven't come across a deal on a cheap tablet with good resolution at the price mentioned, but I will watch for one since the OP suggested it. Any suggested sites?


@morriea: The resolution isn't very good on that frame.

Now, this one starts to get in the ballpark of at least pretending to compete with a lower-level tablet. heeheehee